View Full Version : I just moved away. Anyone interested in a Skype game?

28-10-2014, 17:55
I currently have no army with me but still want to play once in a while. Also, when I move back home, I have 3 large armies and not many friends there. I would definitely be willing to host the games.

If anyone is interested in a few friendly games that would be great! Other than being a bit liberal on wheeling, it's not too difficult to do it over skype.

28-10-2014, 19:07
have played over skype in the past so could do but time might be an issue

ant from the sustentable center is also trying to set up a campaign using universal battle which might be worth looking in to

29-10-2014, 18:13
I'd be interested to play others over skype since I only have one reliable opponent to play on Saturdays. But I'm a newb and lack a skype account.

30-10-2014, 01:49
Skype account takes 5 seconds to create. If you have enough models for two armies, I would play with you. I am a huge newb as well, but I know all the rules (read the books countless times and played maybe 20 games). I just want to have fun and practice. I have all the army books as well, if you want to proxy and try different skirmishes.

02-11-2014, 20:28
That sounds exetemely tedious however i commend your love of gaming, ive played a card game through forums once lol