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28-10-2014, 22:54
Hey Guys

So me and some buddies have decided to play a special king of the hill scenario.

No special characters and no Lords

The game ends in turn 5 on 5+ turn 6 4+ ect.
The one with the most expensive core unit on the hill when the game ends wins no matter how much of the unit is left, and we are playing 4-6 armies at a time. Its hectic

Anyway I am thinking a list like this

Warriors 20 MoN Shields

Chaos Ogres 6 MoN Standard

Skullcrushers 3 lances

and then we have my issue, I dont know if I should do a disc mounted melee hero or a mage build? and I got 204 points left for the hero/mage

what do you guys think

Still Standing
28-10-2014, 23:05
Stick a Banner of Discipline on those Warriors. If they run, you'll lose the game.

I'd take a lvl 2 on Disk, with Lore of Metal and Talisman of Preservation and Enchanted Shield (1+ 3++ (reroll 1s)). He's 205pts.

You'll have to juggle points to fit both in.