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Time of Madness
29-10-2014, 00:29

Khalida (General)
= 365pts

Liche High Priest (Hiero)
- Level 4
- Dispel Scroll
- Talisman of Preservation
= 285pts

Tomb Herald (BSB)
- Shield
- Eternal Flame Banner
= 97pts


97 Skeleton Archers
***All 3 characters here***
- Full Command
= 612pts


4 Necro Knights
- Musician/Standard
= 280pts

4 Necro Knights
- Musician/Standard
= 280pts

3 Stalkers
= 165pts


= 135pts

Skull Catapult
= 90pts

Skull Catapult
= 90pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2399pts

Archers deploy 10X10 giving me 60 shots a turn (120 with smitting). The herald can be moved out of the unit if I go up against something with fire ward saves.

Casket and catapults add to the list while the stalkers/knights I rely on to kill things.

Anyone like it?
Time of Madness

29-10-2014, 15:05
I like it. Synergy is good. Might want to think about a Necrotect or Ramhotep to keep the Knights alive a little longer as they are your only combat units and slow to heal. I'm assuming they will not be too far from your gunline since you can effectively shoot THROUGH them without penalty. I've never had much luck with Entombed units in general and Stalkers in particular (they tend to come up ok but only live 1 turn or 2.) Might want to replace them with Carrion for enemy chaff/warmachines.

Another thought is that the 1 big unit of archers is a lot of eggs in 1 basket and a nasty spell (Final Transmutation for ex.) could really cause damage. Might be better to go 50 and 50 (or 40 and 30 and 30) so that if your main block gets whittled down by magic or shooting you can pop Khalida and company into the other. This would also allow you to target 2 different enemies per turn instead of directing all of them at 1 unit. You would also get off slightly more shots per turn. Not sure you need a full cmd with these, I'd just take a musician but that's me :)

Also note you will get a lot of groans from opponents with this list (especially if you get off the multi-shot buff!) so be ready for that but they can eat a d*ng because playing TK generally sucks (I'm like 1-18 lifetime.)

29-10-2014, 15:37
Not a fan of this sort of list to be honest.
Its too blunt for my taste :p. And thus its easy to counter.

It also severely lacks chaff for a gunline.
As mentioned, you are putting all your eggs in one basket that is 1 spell or cav charge away from breaking.

Limiting this unit to 10 wide doesn't look like a good choice. I would try to go 24 wide if possible to maximize those poisonous arrows.

The list will work against some list, but it has far more bad matchups right now.