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31-10-2014, 20:50
what happened to them. when I first join they were around quiet a bit. I mean not in just the game put there was a group of guys funning some fun shinanagains.

I mean there were rules in fantasy and 40k for freebooterz

31-10-2014, 22:27
What exactly are you asking mate?

31-10-2014, 22:44
Not much in the latest 40k Codex, but Freebooterz are mentioned - and you have the redone Flash Gitz. If you want info on Freebooterz, pm me and I'll see what I can find.

Used to be pirate Orcs in Fantasy, but we are going back a good ways.

01-11-2014, 15:29
I believe they were a group of gw employees/ sympathizers who went around organising events etc back in the good old days?

01-11-2014, 16:44
I just had a bit of nostalgia from reading gotrex and felix. I thought 40k had some old rules where you could hire them and was thinking of getting a small bit to use with my tau. right now it looks like id have to use badruk and flash gits but just want some knowledge on the old background gw had on them. always fun reading there