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01-11-2014, 01:34
Need abit of help with a new skaven player/army. Does this look good for 2500? Playing dwarfs mainly.

Grey Seer
+ Talisman of Preservation
+ Power Scroll

Plague Priest
+ Dispel Scroll
+ flail
+ Plague Furnace

+ Talisman of Endurance
+ halberd
+ Battle Standard

Warlock Engineer
+ Doomrocket

40 Stormvermin
+ Fangleader
+ Musician
+ Standard Bearer
+ Storm Banner

27 Clanrats
+ shields
+ Clawleader
+ Musician
+ Standard Bearer

45 Skavenslaves
+ Musician

45 Skavenslaves
+ Musician

5 Giant Rats
+ 1 Packmaster

5 Giant Rats
+ 1 Packmaster

35 Plague Monks
+ Bringer-of-the-Word
+ Musician
+ Standard Bearer
+ Plague Banner

9 Gutter Runners
+ slings
+ Poisoned Attacks


Hell Pit Abomination

Warp Lightning Cannon

Warp Lightning Cannon

The French Guy
01-11-2014, 16:03
I like it, you got all good units here.

I would just drop some stuff to add more toys.
I would drop both talismans off GS and chief, only need Power scroll and naked BSB as they will hide in the Clanrats.

Speaking of Clanrats, I would take 20 of them, naked, add a musician max. Then give them a Weapon team.
I would also give the Stormvermin a Weapon team. I also like to give them Terror banner (or Razor banner).

I would drop all the champions (Monks, SV, etc...).
I would boost Monks up to 40 and Slaves to 50 min.
Hope it helps!

06-11-2014, 21:11
Take the 45 point mr3 token on the bsb instead of the ward save, it gives your grey seer a 2+ ward save against scary death magic if hes in the same unit,and the bsb gets a 4+ against death snipes. Just saying :) the razor standard on the storm vermin is a solid choice

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