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01-11-2014, 11:38
Before the Reign of Terror there had been occasions where the outgoing Ecclesiarch would appoint a successor usually from the Cardinals Palatine, but election was the normal due process.

After the Reign of Terror Sebastian Thor made a number of reforms to this process and created the Holy Synod.

When the time comes to elect a new Ecclesiarch the Holy Synod would convene on Terra. The Synod is made up of Cardinals or Arch Cardinals (the fluff can contradict itself here) and they come from all over the galaxy to vote. Arch Cardinals are apparently Cardinals of a whole sector. Given the size of the Imperium and the time it takes to travel to Terra from the far-flung corners of the galaxy this would make a mockery of any timely election. This throws up alot of interesting possibilities where it could take years to elect a new Ecclesiarch or some delegates don't arrive in time to vote (or arrive at all!).

For logistical and stability reasons I think it would be impractical for all the Imperium's cardinals to come together and appoint a successor. A new Ecclesiarch would be needed to head up the Church and sit on the High Lords councils quickly. I'm sure a votes could be sent via an astropath. Even then I still think the real power would lie with the Cardinals based on Terra.

Apart from Lexi or the 40k wiki has anyone come across any info of how this process takes place? If not I'd like to read other peoples opinions on how this election process could take place.

01-11-2014, 12:12
If not I'd like to read other peoples opinions on how this election process could take place.Probably over many years of political manoeuvring, delegates going missing, and nothing happening in anything resembling a timely fashion. As befits the Imperium.

The ecclesiarchy is not himself required to occupy the church's seat on the high lords, in his absence (or after his death) the seat can be filled by a representative who nominally speaks for him or continues with his last instructions.