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03-11-2014, 20:27
Ok so i am starting a DE army. I've read some reviews but want advice on what is actually tournament playable. I hear there's debate about Witches or Corsairs, but personally i prefer the models and the theme of the Corsairs.

So here's the list, please help.


Supreme Sorceress - 245
Level 4 Wizard
Dispel Scroll


Sorceress - 140
Level 2 Wizard
Sacrificial Dagger

Master (BSB) - 107
Additional Hand Weapon
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak


25 Corsairs - 250
Full Command

25 Corsairs - 250
Full Command


37 Har Ganeth Executioners - 474
Full Command

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower




04-11-2014, 21:23
25 is an odd number for corsairs, why this number? what formation will they be running in? Why didn't you give them extra hand weapons or hand bows, I think you have to give them one of them? If you are planning on just using them as tarpits then maybe just use bleak swords, they are cheaper.

Are you planning on putting all of your characters in with the executioners? If so, why would you put those terribly squishy sorceresses in the front rank of a main combat block, they will be targeted first and killed quite easily. They either need to go in a support unit, like corsairs with handbows or Darkshards to keep out of danger or on a dark pegasus. More than likely though you will want to drop that level 2 and pick up 9 Warlocks and put the sorceress in there on a horse. Warlocks are probably one of the best units in the game.

I would definitely put a 4+ ward on that level 4.

Sacrificing 11 or 12 point models for a 50/50 chance on a power die is a very bad decision IMO. I would not be taking that item. If anything take the Tomb of Furion so that you can auto take "Shroud of Despair" so that you can synergize with the Kharibdyss Abyssal howl special rule.

The BSB should have at least a 1+ save and maybe give him a magic weapon if you ever encounter any etherial units. Right now he has a 3+ save and 4 attacks at strength 4, so he doesn't hit well and he isn't good at survivability, so he effectively isn't doing anything well. Make him good at something.

You have no march block/re-director/chaff units. I'm not sure how much you've played Fantasy but these guys are pretty much essential to winning, Dark Riders/Shades/Harpies are all very useful units that you should have in your army. I never leave home without 2 or 3 blocks of fast cavalry.

As it stands you have a very slow army with not very much shooting to be a threat to anything. I think that serious combat armies will out manoeuvre and crush you, while heavy shooting armies will punish you for not having anything that can take out war machines and the fact that you are taking all infantry in one of the fastest armies in the game. If it's a friendly game that's one thing, but at a tournament you will struggle very hard.

08-11-2014, 17:38
KnifeParty gave you very good advice, all i can add is that if you want corsairs you either go 5 unit of 10 (2x5) with xbow or a big block, but not 2x25...

Also : pick up shades they are freaking awesome and they will fill the major gap in your list, that Knifeparty explained.
10 Shades with light armor and GreatWeapon are one of the best unit in the game.
If you don't want to buy the old and expensive shade Finecrap models, go with WE Wildwood Ranger and and Dark Riders xbow holsters bits to them.
Drop the sorceress with dagger : believe me you don't want to kill your own pricy model on top of paying that item to get 2 dice a game
Drop 7 executioners, the shade will protect them and set wonderful charge for them 30 in horde is the best spot since you'll most likely strike before 80+% unit in the game.

If you look at tournament play, forget Kharibdyss... And try to find ETC2014 LIST on google (don't know if i can post a link here).

09-11-2014, 12:56
There's nothing wrong with going for Corsair core. Cause in the end ull need magic support whether your fighting ogres, warriors or humans and therefore there's not really a better choice or worse choice. Going with the foot elf theme u seem to be going with, I'd actually merge both units into a 30 man and two 10 man units. Deployment is a much bigger part fantasy than 40k. In 40k there's no hiding ur big guns, they are where they are. Because of the alternate unit deployment style, u want chaff units that u can put down to gauge where ur opponents biggest threats are and correspondingly set up a counter infront of it, think like a Rock Paper Scissors game. Idk if I would spend the points on the handbows personally, too short of range, no armour piercing.

30 is optimal but 37 is not a bad thing just means u have models to die so when I hit combat u still have 30 bodies. Double kharibdyss is a concern. While its nice str7 thunder stomp will wreck chaos warriors. U have executioners to do that job. I'd definately look into having one but two is too many. Investing into another bolt thrower and 5 shades with additional hand weapons will give u a bit of shooting edge and also let u silence ur opponents shooting allowing u to castle up. They can be also used defensively to screen ur army adding an additional -1 to hit on what's behind it. That'll help ur executioners cross the field.

Your character set ups are a bit poor.

BSB saves armies and if urs is so vulnerable your just giving away points. Take a least an enchanted shield to get a 1+ armour. Then see how your points go. Dawnstone or a ward is advised. Add like a sword of might if u want hitting power.

6 levels of magic is pretty big investment. To make it work u got to guarantee dice. Pick up a power stone for level 4 and dispell scroll for level 2. Power stone is 20prs and counts as 2 powers dice. That's 10pts a power dice. Much cheaper than a sac dagger and reliable.

At 2000pts it's not impossible to do a foot elf army but I think ur list needs a but of changes to be tournament ready.

Play more games! It's more important that a good list!!!