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04-11-2014, 08:10

With the current releases of End of Times ive got a few games lined up this weekend and looking to take an all cavalry list for fun

so heres what im come up with for c&c

Grand Master, Magic Weapon – Runefang, Enchanted Items - The Other Tricksters Shard or Magic Armour – Helm of the Skaven Slayer = 259pts (2+ or 1+)
Battle Wizard Lord, Lvl 4, Warhorse, Barding, Magic Talisman – Preservation, Arcane Items - Dispell Scroll = 294pts (4++) Unsure what lore
Lords total = 549pts

Captain of Empire, BSB, Full Plate, Great Weapon, War Horse, Barding, Magic Armour – Dragonhelm, Magic Talisman – Dawnstone = 148pts (IC Knights) (1+/2++ Flaming) rerollable armour
Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Shield, Warhorse, Barding, Great Weapon = 90pts
Hero’s Total = 238pts

5 Knightly Orders – 110pts
5 Knightly Orders – 110pts
13 Knightly Orders – 286pts, Inner Circle, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Magic Standard - Steel Standard = 390pts (Wizard + BSB)
Core Total = 610pts

8 Reiskguard Knights – 216pts, Musician, Standard = 236pts (GM + WP)
4 Demigryph Knights, Musician, Standard Bearer = 252pts
4 Demigryph Knights, Musician, Standard Bearer – Magic Standard – Eternal Flame = 262pts
Special Total = 760pts

Steam Tank – 250pts
Rare Total = 250pts

Main Total = 2397pts



09-11-2014, 13:15
...don't take standards for ur demies...if u break that's a whole demi gone....

Your character choices are nice. But just take Luthor Huss he is just a badass....his super saiyan ability is just ridiculous and ur already taking a great weapon for ur warrior priest so just upgrade.

Grand master...I'm not so sure about him. But if u must, Runefang, charmed shield, iron curse icon, luck stone...gets u a 1+ ignore first hit on a 2+ and one retold armour save. Potion of speed works too but uuu think a ward save on knights help.

Wizard can take any lore really. Everything works because ur investing points into knights that don't really need magic support. So just look for damage output. Life is the best. Heals steam tank,.

I don't like the Reikguard knights. It's a second unit of inner with stubborn but at 8, ur paying too many points to be chaff, but too little for them to break units. So either u take 5 or u take 10+but I wouldn't split up ur characters so I'd say drop them upgrade urself a Luther Huss. Either make a third unit of chaff knights or adds more bodies to the inner circle or give them like a magic banner like rangers standard or razor standard.

My friend runs a similar list that we all fear he takes Bathasar instead of ur level 4 and a second steam tank instead of ur grand master...it is serious pain :(