View Full Version : Ongoing Warhammer Campaign.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
25-06-2006, 14:56
This is an idea I've had bandying about in my head for some time now.

With our fantastic club location (disused two bedroom flat above a Garage!) we have the rather enviable facility to leave things laid out when a night draws to it's inevitable close.

As such, I am tempted to run a rolling Warhammer Campaign, which will run in line with real life seasons.

I think this would be unique and bloody good fun. It would involve Warhammer Skirmish (well, probably Mordheim!) Border Patrol, and full blown Warhammer, right up to Siege. Would be tempting to include Warmaster, but I've never really played that myself.

Now, for those who are dimly aware of such things, in the real world, Medieval wars were limited by the Seasons. Typcially, the solid Campaigning would begin each Spring, coming to end with Autumn, with the need to bring in the Harvest to survive the coming Winter. This is a piece of cake to replicate with my Campaign system. During Spring and Summer, any level of any game is possible, and during Autumn/Winter, games will be limited to Border Patrol and Skirmish, to represent random banditry, and sanctioned raids into others territories.

Has anyone else run a similar campaign, and if so, how did it work out? I won't bore you with all the details, but if you'd like to know more, PM me!