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06-11-2014, 16:34
2500 Pts - Dark Elves Roster. Working on my go to 2500 Dark elves. Few questions: should I have take the bsb off the peg and put him with the cold ones or on foot with the executioners? Should I combined the 10 man witch units into one 18 with full command? I have pretty much every model in the DE line and looking for any and all suggestions in making a solid all-comers list I can take to tournaments. Any advice would be appreciated. Currently undecided on the lore for the lv 4 at the moment, open to suggestions as well that would work well with this list.

Dreadlord on Dark Peg
Lance/Sea Dragon Cloak/Light Armor
Enchanted Shield
Cloak of Twilight

Supreme Sorceress (Level 4)
Dispel Scroll
Ring of Hotek

Master on Dark Pegasus (BSB, Heavy armor/Sea Dragon Cloak/Lance)
Charmed Shield

18 Darkshards (lv 4 bunker)
Banner/Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Dark Riders with shields

5 Dark Riders with shields

10 Witch Elves

10 Witch Elves

30 Executioners, full command (horde)

12 Cold One Knights (6x2 in most cases)
Musician, Standard, Razor Standard

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

5 Doomfire Warlocks

10-11-2014, 11:52
I'd actually do some reshuffling with your characters see if this answers your question:

Dreadlord on Dark Steed; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Charmed Shield; Lance and Dawnstone and goes in with your Dark Riders theory being; he can't be sniped out by cannons and templates initially because he has 5+ models of the same unit type with him. BS based shooting will have to kill the Dark Riders first before hits can be allocated against him hence his Charmed Shield will get to take effect against that cannon shot when the unit takes wounds and he can no longer 2+ look out sir. Knowing that i'd still try to keep the second unit of Dark Riders within 3' of him to give him a 4+ look out sir. They get to vanguard; turn two he can charge out by himself and the remaining dark riders do their chaff job in the remaining movement phase.

The Master on Pegasus i'd give the Cloak of Twilight too along with Sea Dragon Cloak; lance shield and heavy armour. You can't expect people to not know u have charmed shield and waste their cannon ball or bolt thrower shot on you hence it's actually pretty impractical to have of course u can say their still wasting a unit to shoot at him first before the cannon takes his head off but again, you should be playing not to lose him in the first place hence the 3+ ward is the best protection he has. He can also do the monster hunting job too; i'd keep him with the battle standard cause monsters don't have steadfast and even if u don't kill it in one turn; your still +2 to combat res "charge/bsb" you may just break it and run it down :)

Level 4 with Dispell Scroll only please; no enemy wizard is gonna be within 6' of your bunker and forget magic resistance 3 if anything take either Banner of Discipline or the Gleaming Pennants so someone doesn't just panic your level 4 and Darkshard off the board since your BSB and general are likely to be somewhere else on the board.

I'd move the Banner of Eternal Flame over to the Executioners so they can deal with even Trolls and Ogres.

Personally i prefer Chariots over Knights but since you have 12 i guess it's acceptable. You shouldn't run two units of 6 since you've already got Doomfires and Dark Riders that will do chaff jobs. 12 gives a psychological effect that those knights will do something very painful...truth be told they won't but yesh your opponent will likely devote shooting to them so your Executioners can cross the field without much attention.

2 Units of 10 is fine; use them to snipe wizards or characters; even if u mind razor 10; you will leave a trail of broken bodies. I'd actually run them as a 10 wide; if u manage to roll Mind Razor on Shadow and just watch in glee when u actually get to put down all 30 attacks with Mindrazor :)