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Kurai Chi
07-11-2014, 04:11
This is to be my first army. Any input would be very much appreciated.

Lords & Heroes:
Great Unclean One ----------------530 pts
-Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Death)
-Greater Gift
Skulltaker --------------------------200 pts
Karanak ----------------------------195 pts
Herald of Nurgle -------------------135 pts
-Greater Locus of Fecundity
Total: 1060 pts

Flesh Hounds ----------------------165 pts
Beasts of Nurgle x2 ---------------120 pts
Total: 285 pts

Skull Cannon -----------------------135 pts
Soul Grinder ------------------------320 pts
-Warp Gaze
-Daemonbone Claw
-Daemon of Khorne
Total: 455 pts

Bloodletters x20 --------------------305 pts
-Standard Bearer
-Gleaming Pennant
Plaguebearers x20-------------------295 pts
-Standard Bearer
-Banner of Swiftness
Total: 600 pts

Overall Points: 2400 pts

07-11-2014, 14:22
I'll just go over a few of your choices and offer some advice. Everything I dont mention is probably fine as is:

Skulltaker - He is a bit of a mystery to me. On the one hand, he is a monster in cc, but on the other hand, you are putting him in a unit which greatly needs frenzy or something in order to shine. For that reason, I think you are better off snagging a herald with the loci which gives frenzy and MAYBE putting a bsb on him. All in all, that comes in under the 200 you spent on skulltaker.

Karanak - Fun hero to put with some flesh hounds. Will make for a good group to take on warmachines and wizards which sit in the back. If I were to house Karanak in a group, I personally would up the number of hounds, but that is just my opinion

Herald of Nurgle - Always a good choice. Consider giving him a greater gift and defaulting to fencer's blades. Alternatively, give him lvl 1 to help support your GUO. All three loci choices imo are good and have their place

Beast of Nurgle - One of the best choices you have. I would personally take more. Maybe 1-2 to use as chaff but a group of 3 works wonders

Soul Grinder - Mark of nurgle helps him survive in combat. He is not a cc master with only WS 3, so that extra attack is a bit of a waste imo plus he then must abide by the weaknesses of frenzy

Bloodletters - These guys got quite a punch in the guts with this book. If you give them frenzy with a herald and MAKE SURE THEY GET THE CHARGE, they have their place. Not very competitive but still a fun unit to have. I personally prefer bloodcrushers with a herald giving the unit frenzy (pretty expensive glass cannon though) and dumping more points into plaguebearers to fill your core, but test em out and see hwo you like them

Plaguebearers - At this point level, I would try to push this up to horde level, 30+, in order to optimize the loci your herald is giving.

Overall, I think this list just needs a bit of tweaking. Its not a bad starting list

Kurai Chi
10-11-2014, 05:51
I'm definitely going to keep the bloodletters regardless of anything. I'm not going to be playing competitively and I just love the model haha. I may add another beast though, I can imagine that a group of three would terrorize the battlefield :D

I also may add more Flesh Hounds. I'd honestly like to keep Skulltaker but I'll consider swapping him for a Herald. Everything with the Soul Grinder is tough. I love the model as a Daemon of Khorne but I do understand the making him Nurgle is preferable. That's probably something I'll ponder for awhile. Thanks for your input!

10-11-2014, 11:29
Here is the run down:

Great Unclean One Lv4 - no problem; but i'd advise running 2 lesser gifts instead of a the greater one; none of the gifts on the greater chart are worth 50pts besides the 50pts for no armour save sword cause it actually costs 50pts oh wait not really u might as well take an ogre blade and be str8; ur still pretty much ignoring armour saves but at higher strength...see what i mean :(

Skulltaker so for 70pts extra u get +2 ws; +3 int, +1 attack, hatred, 4+ armour, and the heroic killing blow thingy don't know if u'll really get to use that rule but yeah he's worth it.

Karanak never used him but points wise comparing to a herald for 50pts u get +1 ws, +1 T, +1 wound, +1 attack and the movement i'd say worth it, would even actually make him join the blood letters even though he won't get a look out sir unless the bloodhounds are within 3' of him. But yeah since his greater locus takes over Skulltakers lesser locus; the unit still gets Frenzy and MR3 thanks to Karanak not a bad combo...so i'd be running the bloodletters up a flank and then have Karanak jump in turn two from the board edge instead of joining the Flesh Hounds cause if your backfield hunting chances are ur killing war machines and gunners so having Karanak is just an over investment.

Depending on what edition of Daemons of Chaos ur playing whether it be the End Times version of the Normal version; depends on whether u take a BSB or not; in the End Times version i'd say leave the BSB at home but playing a regular Daemon Army i'd say you need the bsb. I prefer the Lesser locus for Plague Bearers personally since it boasts their damage output; i find their staying power potent enough to warrant not needing Regen.. but yeh 5pts isn't a big deal...

Flesh Hounds fine :)

Beast of Nurgle yes please try adding 1 more model or even two more models - you have points to trim out below

Skull Cannon fine :) **take two

Nurgle Soulgrinder always please always not Khorne and upgrading with Warp Gaze, i mean if you want a 300pts point bolt thrower how about you just drop it and get another Skull Cannon cause that thing is ridiculous hence my above comment and fill in with more Beasts of Nurgle. If you insist on taking a Soul Grinder make it Nurgle; your ws3 your not gonna hit much so you relying on the thunderstomp so make sure you don't take damage first if you want to win combats. Against most infantry str6 thunderstomp is good enough. Only chaos warriors with shields will get a 6+ armour save against it. +1 strength won't help you...being harder to hit will...but still cut out warp gaze and take another Beast.

Your core is fine; idk about the Swiftness Banner...? Gleaming Pennants i like very much and shows alot of thought especially if u also have a Nurgle BSB. Since your min core i guess it'll have to do cause you need that 15point banner..

Interesting list overall..!