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Lord Hurin
07-11-2014, 11:29
For my Chaos army, I want 2 blocks of 40 Marauders. I was thinking 1 unit with hand weapons and one with flails, but do I give them armour and shields? This seems more worth it for the he band but not the flails. Should I go ahead and model them this way?

07-11-2014, 12:03
In this edition chaos marauders are not worth it however you choose to equip them. Better to wait for the next edition. In case I was forced to take them, I'd field probably hw/shield and a mark of tzeentch or simply nekkid to act as a wizard bunker and to minimize wasted points.

07-11-2014, 13:21
So... how big an army are we talking?
What else is in your force?
What do you want them to do(anvil/hammer, presumed target, etc.)?
Are there any running themes we should be aware of?
Will they have any sort of character support?

For the options you listed, armour has a very simple principle behind it; "the more you have, the more you want". One simple reason for this. Each sucussive point of armour mitigates more damage taken.
Examples: The step from no save to a 6+ mitigates a sixth of the wounds you take, while the step from 3+ to 2+ mitigates half the wounds you take(3+ means ones and twos gets through, 2+ means only ones get through - you've effectively doubled your defenses).
In addition to this, S4-5 is something of a standard these days, meaning saves of 5-6+ are often "automatically" countered.

In the case of Marauders, I doubt I'd ever take light armour on its own, but it might be worthwhile when combined with shields, IF my opponent focuses on multiple low-strength attacks so that I'd actually get to use that delicious 5+ save. The main catches being that I'd be spending quite a few points on that save, in a meta where low-strength attacks usually aren't favoured.

Hand weapon + shield is a nice combo. Not only are hand weapons cheap, but unlike armour, parries are something you can pretty much guarantee you'll actually get to use, and can be quite a bit more potent than you'd think - negating every sixth attack ain't something to sneeze at...

Flails are... a strange weapon. It's a weapon built to maximize damage in the first round of combat, instantly break the foe, and run them down. Against most basic troopers, it should be strong enough get the necessary combat resolution... although you'll still need enough ranks to break through steadfast.
A unit of 40 probably won't do this, unless you are fighting at a relatively low points cost. Even then, it's a risky proposition. If the enemy gets some decent shooting in, the dice goes against you in the critical phase, or they end up facing something a bit tougher than they were expecting, those guys run out of steam very quickly
Still, khornite marauders were something of a staple in the previous book, and although nerfed, I'd imagine they can still wreck quite a lot of face if the dice goes your way.

Lord Hurin
07-11-2014, 15:11
Right now the army is pretty small and basic, composed of what I have left from my old combined Chaos force from around 2005/6. I understand Marauders are not competitive but to me a Chaos horde just isn't a Chaos horde without a block or two of the buggers. Flails were all the rage when I was playing before but I never used them because I was too impatient to glue the finicky parts. Hopefully the army will eventually be up around 4000 points but I need time to get it there.

07-11-2014, 18:56
Wouldnt Great Weapon and MoN be nice on a 40 block?

In Dark Trees
07-11-2014, 21:46
I think a block of forty, equipped with light armor, shields, and the Mark of Tzeentch would be valuable as a relatively inexpensive anvil--an anvil that can be expected to go toe-to-toe with most light infantry. You could use them to hold a target in place while you get your Knights in position for a decisive charge.

08-11-2014, 05:57
Wouldnt Great Weapon and MoN be nice on a 40 block?

Problem with marauders is that when you've given them great weapon and MoN, they are 11 pts/model. You can get a vanilla warrior for 14 pts/model which will probably serve you better.

I think the suggested shield+MoT anvil is the best use of marauders.

08-11-2014, 15:57
It's not just that they are non-competitive, or non-optimised, in the current book they are the one objectively bad option in the book, such that even the majority of fluff players don't field them.