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09-11-2014, 16:35
so going through the glottkin book and the three chaos army books it looks like each army, Warriors, daemons and beastmen, can all take their own BSBs. Even looking in the BRB it has an allowance for an army to have more than a single BSBs. Anyone else run across this or can anyone find a reason this can't be done?

09-11-2014, 17:20
seeing as no where in the rules does it state you can have only one BSB in the army and all the army books only say that one of x can carry a BSB, you can have 3 BSBs. Even though I think they meant only one per army, raw you can take 3.

forseer of fates
09-11-2014, 19:35
Right, but its not three armies anymore its one army that uses four books.

09-11-2014, 21:24
Right but there is nothing saying you can not have more than 1 BSB per army and each of those army books allows you to take one as an upgrade

09-11-2014, 22:21
It never fails to amuse me how people try to find loopholes in rules instead of using common sense and just enjoy the game. No offence TinTip, but why even think this way? In my gaming circle people who try to find a "it's not written specifically I cannot therefore I can" loophole just don't find gaming partners and lead a lonely life.
The books on Chaos Legions and Undead Legions specify that you can make ONE army based on several Army Books in conjunction with the rules from the Warhammer rulebook. The BRB says that an army can include A Battle Standard Bearer. "A" in English denotes single and unique, not plural. That is what the rules say.
If you and your gaming group agree to play with several BSB's - you are free to do so and have fun. Just please don't argument this is The General Rule. Cause it's not.

forseer of fates
09-11-2014, 22:41
Indeed, but if you can find people that will let you use three bsb's then carry on, thou the daemon one is a bit pointless now.

10-11-2014, 00:51
Daemon one works fine - it just doesn't do much for the daemons themselves.

10-11-2014, 15:28
A good spot, but not sure it would be that useful most of the time. The re-rolls don't stack and I don't think that the CR does either.

This means that your secondary and tertiary banners basically are very expensive battle standards unless you are wanting to create an ultimate deathstar with 3 or 4 magic standards with a lot of benefits. I think if I were playing you I would despise you more for the death-star than the tripple standard (also battle standards tend to look cool on the table).

10-11-2014, 16:44
We are running a 3xBSB game for early December.

Granted, it's 20K points per side, 3vs3 on a masssive table, but still... :P

11-11-2014, 05:40
A second BSB would be handy for chaos armies for sure in any non-standard scenarios that encourage you to split your army.

CR doesn't stack, and actually contemplates having two BSBs on the same side of the combat (for allied games likely, but the situation is covered).

12-11-2014, 07:26
Well the key thing here is if you say they are 3 different armies that means they can not effect any units but from their own book. So DoC bsb can only help daemons and so on. So you trying to screw others is just screwing yourself. That also means the general can't give his benefits btw. You take it as it means allies then so be it.

14-11-2014, 20:11
The only reference to multiple BSB's in the rule book is on page 107 it says like regular standards you don't get multiple +1 for having more than 1 BSB in a combat. So looks like legion armies get yet another advantage.