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25-06-2006, 20:26
Damn it. I've tried doing this project so many times, and not getting somewhere, I think I'm gonna cry..:cries: Too late. After spending all my money on some models (Necron stuff), I decided, that since I can't buy any models anyway, I'm gonna have to paint my Chaos stuff anyway. But this time, to avoid failure, I've devised a system of rules, simple ones, but something that'll help me more than you can imagine.

Dan's wacky and pretty damn simple plan

1)Spend at least 1 hour each weekday on painting etc.
2) On weekends, paint at least 2 hours, and try to get at the very least one model competed
3)Do not get distracted by silly things like the George Dellapina's Dragon Slayer article in WD 313 that I'm looking at right now.....
4)Should have one squad done each week to present to you, the viewers

Well, there you have it. My simply simple rules. I'm hoping to do a 2000pt army. You see, I've been away from 40k for a long time, and I'm just getting back into it. So I'm gonna be trying my hardest to impress you guys and try a lot of things I've never done before e.g. GS modelling, awesome bases.
Here's my models and what I've painted and need to getetc:

Models Painted to standard I want
Models still in the works or to be redone
Models I haven't got yet or are still needed to be delivered

Sorceror (Base still needs to be done, and it still need a touch up, but it's good)
Chaos Marine Squad
Chaos Terminator Lord
2nd Marine Squad
Chaos Bikers

As you can see, I haven't got a lot of stuff yet. Well, the truth is, I've got most of it, but they're not the weapons I want, or in my plans of the modelling I want for them etc., but the new termie lord is on it's way. I've set myself the goal of painting all these (That I've got) by the 9th of June, as I will be going on holiday to Florida for 2 and a half weeks. :D (I live in England) After the holiday I'll have the money to buy the other models, so expect more stuff then. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this project, and if I'm lagging, scream at me. My teachers do it and it seems to wake me up in class, so why won't it work here?:D
Dan, the deliverer of long introductions

25-06-2006, 21:19
Some WIP pics and a completed model:


Is the Chaos skin progressing well?

25-06-2006, 21:46
The eyes are nice, red pipes/hair needs more highlighting. The greyish skin looks neat.

26-06-2006, 06:54
Looks pretty good. Drill ou those barrels! ;)

26-06-2006, 16:08
Thanks for the comments! @Tonberry: Yeah, I'm gonna work on that highlighting. I'm working on those two chaos models now, I'm gonna take a break now though for half an hour to just recharge, then I'll get straight back onto them. :) I'll post my army list later tonight (On army list section).

26-06-2006, 20:48
Well, one marine is almost done. I'm heading at a good pace for finishing this squad by the end of the week. Last night, I had an idea that could transform my Terminators from looking good, to awesome. It's simple, but it's effect in my mind is awesome. I was thinking just adding simple tattered cloaks onto them would look awesome. They would look really ancient and Chaotic. I've also got ideas for just adding a few little things like gems of the eye of Horus. It'll just emphasise the Chaos side of them. I'm thinking of getting a tutorial or something on the cloaks, since my lack of GS skill would definately prevent me from making anything with a resemblace to a cloak. Anway, I should have the mutant guy done by tomorrow. Pics then.