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12-11-2014, 19:46
Hello. I have been under the impression for a while that my interpretation of the High Magic rules and some things associated with them were correct, however recent posts elsewhere have made me unsure, so I am posting this in an attempt to clear things up. Firstly, is Lileath's Blessing. The wording of the rule is that models with this ability add +1 to all attempts to cast spells from the Lore of High Magic. Because, of this, I have been under the impression that the rule stacks. Is this correct? My reasoning is that the rule doesn't say you can only get this once, it also doesn't say that it applies to only one model in the army, and then it says "all attempts". Therefore I think that if you have two mages, you would get a +2 to cast, 3 mages would give a +3, and so on. It is the specific wording here that makes be think this, as "models" doesn't seem exclusive, and "all attempts" likewise doesn't seem exclusive. My second question is related to Lore Attributes, High Magic in particular, but really any of them. The question is, if I cast a spell from High Magic, and I do cast it, but the enemy dispels it, do I get the +1 Ward Save boost? Again, I am under the impression that I would get it, because I did cast the spell, but is this the correct interpretation?

12-11-2014, 19:52
No, it doesn't stack since only 1 mage is attempting to cast, not say 2 mages if you got 2 of them.
And no, you don't get the ward since you only get the lore attribute if the spell goes off which it doesn't do if the opponent dispelled it.

12-11-2014, 19:54
They don't stack. Special rules never stack.
A spell is not cast until after the dispel is resolved - if it is dispelled then the spell wasn't cast.

The best ability for the HE is taking multiple lvl2 of high and trickle casting out the sigs.
Keep casting drain magic on yourself for the ward buff.

12-11-2014, 20:21
I concur with Malagor.
Special rules do not stack (unless specifically noted otherwise). Additionally, the mages are not working in tandem to cast a spell, the spell caster only has +1 as part of the Lileath's Blessing Special Rule.
The Lore Attribute is a spell effect (albeit, side-effect depending on your perspective) and only occurs if the spell is successfully cast.

However, do not forget that the Lore Attributes are defined as spell effects in the BRB (pg. 490, I believe) and are, therefore, dispelled by Drain Magic* (if the lore attribute in question is the target of the spell). So don't cast Drain Magic on yourself to buff up your ward save! It'll dispel all stacks before it was cast, leaving you only with +1 to your ward!

*This only applies to Lore Attributes that are ongoing spell effects, not Lore Attributes that are instant effects. The definition of which ones are ongoing and which ones are 'instant' with lasting consequences is blurry. It's generally agreeable that the HE High Lore Attribute is ongoing, but it isn't as clear for some others. Make sure you agree with your opponent before starting play on which ones Drain Magic will negate.

12-11-2014, 20:33
very valid point hardyworld, I was meaning you keep going with different drain magic attempts on the unit until you get one. Ie, throw a die (hoping for 3+) and drain two from dispel to counter it. If they let it through - then cast on another unit (you buff the unit you are in but that doesn't need to be the target).
Then, when you have drained down the dispel pool - cast something offensive like unforging.