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13-11-2014, 17:28
So I've finally got a tally on what all I have for models but have no idea where to begin. I inherited a second hand army under construction and several chunks of Island of blood sprues. So here's what I figure I have but have no idea what to make of it as I'm a fantasy newbie.

1 Vermin Lord
1 DM Snikch
1 Assassin
1 molder
3 master molder
5 pack masters
8 rat ogres
3 warlock engineers
21 plague monks
1 priest w/flail
2 censor bearers
20 night runners (some with slings)
130 clan rats(basic 1/3 w/polearms)
With additional
8 banners
7 musicians
3 claw leaders
2 ratling guns
3 warpfire throwers
3 poisoned wind mortar
3 poisoned wind globadiers
2 warp lightning cannons(classic low carts)
8 rat swarms
33 Giant rats

I don't need to be terribly competitive but I do wish to be able to win some games. My primary opponents around here run Dwarves, VC, and TK. But I've never tried to put together a fantasy list and don't necessarily wish to buy a ton more models. Though I might have to pick up a few more globeadiers to get a squad they seem neat. And possible pick up a hero or commander for the leadership position. Question is can anyone help me make some of this work? I could really use the help.


Disposable Hero
13-11-2014, 21:17
On the Skaven forum called The UnderEmpire they have an all-comer list which is awesome.