View Full Version : Valten herald of sigmar - worth it??

Plague Lord
13-11-2014, 23:36
Like the title suggests - I'm running an empire army with a large block of cav. I'm thinking about running valten instead of the regular grand master (since he gives the same perks - ItP + stubborn).

-Hard to kill
-Monster kller
-Turns regular inner circle knights into reiksguard
-Can go super sayan to either kill enemy hero or just wreck face

-hefty price tag - costs 200points more than a grand master with ogre blade/4++ and some cheap gizmo

So all in all the dude is pretty costly but can kill monsters (deadly to cav), monstr cav and heavy cav with ease.

So what are your thoughts on the bearded chap with a hammer??

14-11-2014, 01:17
Worth it for me, his ability to turn a combat or to even be able to kill that enemy character can make the extra points cost worth it.

A regular grand master is ok, but can die very easily plus if he fails to bring the pain against elite enemy units your quickly on a world of hurt. Valten ignores most of this but obviously costs more.

Plus reiksguard are nothing to be ignored in combat.

14-11-2014, 09:15
He is awesome! Used him recently in a couple of triumph and treachery games and he took one wound in total across both games and killed a tooled up Bretonian challenge lord, Vlad Von Carstein TWICE and the Green Knight! Also loads of knights and grave guard. Bottom line is with full plate, a warhorse and Ghal Maraz he is worth it a hundred times over. Also going super sayan is epic, not usually needed to add damage unless for extra attacks but the boost to his toughness can be invaluable when against ogre blade or great weapon opponants (T6 or 7 is nothing to be sneered at when you have a 2+/4++).