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14-11-2014, 23:02
OK, so I got some MK II Heresy Marines in a trade with a friend and after much thought I decided to go with World Eaters. I also really like the fluff of Sons of Horus and Death Guard, but the rules for WE win out. I built and painted 10 and they look great. However, before I get too carried away, I need some advice on what I need to start fleshing out the army.

1st - I know I need the book, but this will have to wait for a little while (just got the Glottkin book and will be picking up a Pestilent Swarm).

2nd - I have 30 marines. I'm thinking about splitting them into two squads equipped with chainaxes. I then want to use Rampager models for the sgts (squads of 16). Does this number sound good for Heresy? Also what's the best armament for the sgts? Does spending points on power weapons/fists make sense? The power weapon upgrade pack is kind of pricey, is it worth it?

3rd - I need a commander, Centurion or Praetor?

4th - Where to go next? Rampagers or Red Butchers? Or would a support squad in a Rhino make sense?

Thanks, I appreciate the help. Especially with #2. I'm going to focus on the base troops first and then build up.

14-11-2014, 23:33
Hey dude,

1st- You can pick up the smaller books, basically have the army list and special rules minus fluff. There are some rather cool bits and pieces that might catch your attention.

2nd- Units in 30k lists really benefit from being maxed out, so try and bulk out these units when possible. Praetors and some SCs have access to Rites of War and depending on your Rite of War (if you have one), you could field one unit as Veterans as Troops so you could have a max Tactical unit of 20. Which leads me to...

3rd- If possible, go for the Praetor as your Warlord. Centurions are really cool utility choices, especially when you look at the Consuls. Read the special rules for the Moritat and you'll see what I mean.

4th- Really depends on what the local meta is like. For example, my local seems to have plenty of low AP weapons, so Termies are less attractive as choices go. Your meta may have massive units in power armour, which Red Butchers love.

Hope this helps. Also, are you going to post pics on one of the project forums?

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15-11-2014, 13:59
Good idea with the small books. I'd love to get the big books for the fluff and art, but $100 a pop is a bit much.

OK. So, if I slow-grow, I should maybe look at another 10 marines. This would give me two squads of 20. I might spend the extra money on the upgrade set so my sgts can be differentiated with bodies and helmets. Any thoughts on sgt armament? I usually just build all comers lists because there is a variety in my playgroup (nids, marines, guard, orks). Should I mess with power weapons or just leave them with a chainaxe?

When I order the marines, I'll probably get both a centurion and praetor to give me variety.

Are tactical support squads worth the points? I could order another bundle of marines, which would allow me to go this route. If so, would plasma or melta be better?

Praetor, 2x 20 man tacticals, and 1x 10 man support in Rhino brings me to almost 1000 points and would be a good core for a larger army.

What do you think?

15-11-2014, 15:07
Hey dude,

Equipment-wise, sergeants with artificer armour are decent. In terms of weapons, it might help to think of them in the same way as more conventional marine forces.

Support squads with plasma or melta is expensive. Like, 350 pts and up expensive. Having said that, they can be guaranteed to destroy whatever unit they turn their attention to. I would suggest that as the next expansion includes tanks, Sicarans of both types are pretty cool.

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Still Standing
17-11-2014, 14:50
I use Tactical Squads of 15 Marines. I have found 20 is too unwieldly. On Sgt's I built whatever I thought looked cool, so I have two with Power Fist and Combi-Melta, one with Power Fist and Boarding Shield, one with a Combi-Flamer, 1 with Heavy Chainblade and Plasma Pistol, and one with Bolt Pistol and Power Sword. 30k is not about seeking optimal efficiency, it's about going for what's coolest. As for which special weapons to take, I recommend volume of shots or high str killer guns for a couple of reasons. 1. It's differenciates your army from a 40k Marine army. 2. Volkite / Autocannon squads are awesome!