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15-11-2014, 08:29
Hello, after revising my list, I'm going for the ambushing army using khazrak, what do you think?

Khazrak the one-eye
Great brag shaman with lvl 4 talisman of protection and dispel scroll.
Beastlord with brass cleaved and blackened plate and chalice of dark rain.
Warhorse bsb armour of Destiny and shield.
Brat shaman lvl 2 with hagtree fettish.

29 gors, shields and full commend
20 gors with additional hand to ambush
29 gors with shields and full command
20 goes with additional hands to ambush
10 ungor raiders x4, two units ambushing

36 bestigor (10 wide) full command and banner of discipline, for khazrak to get ld10
2 razorgors
2 razorgors
2 razorgors