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15-11-2014, 18:20
Hey Guys

Looking for some advice, here is my list:
245 Spell Weaver: lvl 3 Death, Asrai long Bow, Dispell Scroll, Talisman of Endurance

110 Waystalker: Bow of Loren

200 12 Glade Guard: MS, Hagbane
202 12 Glade Guard: M, Starfire Shalfs
105 05 Glade Riders: C

075 05 Wardancers
075 05 Wardancers
135 03 WarHawk Riders
210 15 Wildwood Rangers, CMS, Banner of Dicipline

140 07 Waywatchers

Now the Glade rider 3 games on a row have not turned up till turn 6. Advise require should I stick with them or is there turning up power just to bad. That is the same core I run at 2K and is just 500pt so if I remove them what to replace them with.

Next Wildwood are also just being mashed by single monstous heros and Choas warriors, thought? I am tempted to change them in to ethernal Guard?

16-11-2014, 02:04

Probably you don't need the glade riders, they are odd...and elves tend to want minimum core...

I don't like star fire arrows their too situational; it's usually either hag bane or true flight that's kinda the norm. I mean from a tailoring perspective go with what's best but all rounder wise those two are the best options.

Waystalker is a bit too gimicky but if u can net urself a wizard go for it! The problem is I don't think u can combo the special ignore armour save shots with bow of Loren...unless its a house rule? I'd rather have 5 more way watchers then him.

Wildwood rangers need to have more models if u want to be serious about them. Have them just behind a fear forest if u want maximum utility. But then again problem is no one is gonna charge u...I don't understand the banner of discipline, since ur immune to psychology already. I don't know if u want to put ur general in that unit since it wants to be in close combat...? Flaming banner is not a bad choice guarantees u wins if u do go monstrous infantry hunting.

Shadow magic is necessary to make them viable. You want Misama so they go first and hit reliably. It'll also get ur wizard out in a pinch.

Wouldn't really think about eternal guard...they don't hit harder...and need even more magic support to make them even a viable combat block.

Wild riders are ur best combat troops period.

Make sure u get urself adequate magic cause u need to have it to make ur army combat savy.

16-11-2014, 08:19
As an elf player I normal min core points.

I take Starfire arrow due to the amount of regen based monsters every person in my local store takes, they seem to do alright.

So far in all the games I have tried the Wild wood even in a block of 20 with my BSB in arranged (7x3) in a fear causing wood have not had the staying or the hitting power.

I am tempted getting some Wild Riders

When I move to 2k do I put the Glade Riders back in or look to other unit types?