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25-06-2006, 23:07
Hi all, I have recently returned to the world of warhemmer from a 2 year hiatus. I have been a gamer since grade 6, but was only really competitive in the later years(once i learned the rules lol). I have put to rest my old Skaven army, Wood Elf Army, and Fledgling VC army. Now I have returned, and am thinking of purchasing a myriad of models from a friend, which include many mercenary models. SO, before i follow through with this transaction i have decided to build a list. Please, harsh critisism is needed... this list will not look like many mercenary armies. Thanks

Paymaster - 69
Heavy Armour
Enchanted Shield

Hireling Wizard - 120
Dispel Scroll
Lvl 2 Upgrade

10 Crossbowmen - 80

10 Duelists - 90

6 Light Cavalry - 129
Full Command

19 Paymaster's bodyguard - 245
Full Command
Heavy Armour

21 Dwarves - 219
Heavy ARmour
Full Command

Hafling Hot Pot - 50

Total - 1002


Steve B.

26-06-2006, 00:57
Well Steve B, welcome to Dogs of War. The army of plenty and cheap but nothing really exceptionally good.

A few notes about the units you mentioned:

Duellists, take them in groups of 9. They will do they job just as good as 10 and better than 8(taking one more to cause a panic-test). Use them to guard your flanks and bait enemy cavalry. Pistols might be downgraded in 7th edition but they are still very good(and very cheap).

Light Cavalry. Why a Command Group? What are you going to do with them? Try to keep them as cheap as possible. They will most likely be expendable with their low armour and high manouverability. Use them to flankcharge enemy units, while hitting them in the front with something else, or to chase down enemy warmachine crews. Just taking 5 with spears is usually pretty good, depending of course what you are planning to use them for.

Crossbowmen should come in packs of 10 for every 500 pts IMHO, you can never have enough. Ok, when you start running out of space to deploy them on you have plenty. Crossbows are very versatile and very cheap, use them to annihilate support units and thin the enemys ranks.

Dwarves are also very cheap for what they provide to the army. Heavy armour and shields are pretty much standard equipment, can't imagine why you'd want to leave home without them. Except maybe to try and keep them as cheap as possible, equipping them with crossbows and replacing the regular Crossbowmen with them. IMHO that's a bad idea, keep them just the way they are, close combat oriented, that's what they do best. Leave the shooting to the Crossbowmen. 21 seems like an odd number, 3 ranks of 7? 16 or 20 is probably more effective, though the extra model might be useful to soak up a wound from shooting I guess. Still, 20 Dwarves should keep just about any enemy busy for a while.

Paymaster's Bodyguard: A tricky unit to learn to use. Probably the only tarpit besides the Dwarves in the DoW army. Pretty cheap and pretty weak without the Paymaster. Sticking the Paymaster in there is risky, should you get caught in combat your opponent is likely to target the Paymaster. You don't want to lose your Paymaster, M'kay? Heavy armour and an enchanted shields seems like a good start to protecting your dearest asset, just plain keeping him/her out of combat is even better. If you know what you're doing and don't mind taking risks then the Bodyguards can be very good. Don't use them by themselves or they will get overrun/ grinded down.

Halflings hotpots are useful against elves but that about it. Against Orcs, Dwarves and especially Ogres they are pretty useless. With their extremely low price it never hurts to have one with you just in case but sometimes a Cannon is a better choice, especially against chariots and monsters.

I see you've noticed the cheap wizards available to DoW as well, just too bad they can't have any specific magical items. Against a standard army one Wizard is just enough, against a magic-heavy High Elf, Lizardmen or Tzeentch army a Dispel Scroll or two might come in handy. Once you reach 1500 pts I suggest you pack at least one scroll just in case, unless you're sure your opponent hasn't got any mages. Don't put them on a horse, it only makes them harder to keep out of the enemy archers scopes. 2 lvl.2 Wizards in a 1000pts battle might cause havoc if you take the right lores. Don't rely on fireballs though.

If you are planning on using the Dwarves as the center of your army( a very solid option) then I'd suggest you trade the Bodyguards for some Norse Marauders with Flails. They are very hard-hitting and once again cheap, Have the Paymaster close to the Dwarves for the BSB effect and use the spare points to buy another unit of Crossbowmen or Duellists. This is probably a list I'd recommend, though you might have greater success(and more importantly more fun) with a list of your own :

1 Paymaster(Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield) 69 pts
1 Hireling Wizard(lvl.2) 95 pts
2x10 Crossbowmen 160 pts
9 Duellists(Pistols) 81 pts
5 Light Cavalry(Spears) 60 pts
20 Dwarfs(Heavy Armour, Shields, Full Command) 210 pts
15 Norse Marauders(Flails, Champion) 130 pts
3 Ironguts 144 pts
1 Halfling Hot Pot 50 pts
That's 999 pts with a very solid core and hard-hitting flankers. The cavalry is dangerous enough to not be ignored but cheap enough to be thrown away. Having the 12" range of the Ironguts and the high number of attacks from the Norse is very nice. Just keep sure to cover the Marauders LoS with the Duellists so they don't charge after something unsuitable.

26-06-2006, 05:54
Than ks for the extensive advice. The reason i chose to add a command group to the light cav is because of a personal strat that i have found works quite well with most armies. I would explain now, but it would take a long time. Anyways, i will tweek the list, and playtest both mine, and the one that you suggested, thanks again, and ill try to get back with results.