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16-11-2014, 18:22
Testing out potential tournament lists for January. Any thoughts on improvements?

Dark Elves 2000 points End Times

Dreadlord (General) 297
Hvy armor
Sea Dragon Cloak
Cloak of twilight
Ogre Blade
Dark Pegasus

Supreme Sorceress 265
Level 4
Lore of Life
Talisman of preservation

Sorceress 115
Level 1
Dispel Scroll
Lore of beasts
Dark Steed

X5 Doomfire Warlocks 125

X29 Har geneth Executioners 393
Full Command
STD Discipline

X 3 Reaper Bolt Thrower 210

X10 X bowmen 130

X10 X bowmen 155
Flame banner

X10 corsairs 110

X2 X5 Dark Riders 200 Shields
X bows

Total = 2000

18-11-2014, 11:43
Drop the Standard of Discipline for Gleaming Pennants; a Re-roll Ld9 is better than Ld10.

Not sure what 10 corsairs with handbows can do? Assuming your Supreme Sorceress is going into the Executioners; I don't really know if i would bother with giving Dark Riders the Crossbows..?

I'd drop the Corsairs and the repeating crossbows; sprinkle in 5 more dark shards in and 3 more Doomfires. Sprinkle in a luckstone and a potion of foolhardiness for the Dreadlord then ur 2000pts