View Full Version : Will there be a new Necron codex before Adepticon?

17-11-2014, 09:37
I understand the policy about questions but I was unable to find any info about the next 40k release or any threads in which to ask this question. The cutoff for the tournament is late February. I would have to update my army from 4th-5th to play.


17-11-2014, 09:49
I understand the policy about questions

Evidently not.

17-11-2014, 09:49
If you culdnt find anything its likely because there's little to know yet. With GW rumour control and the weekly release schedule a lot of rumours are now only surfacing shortly before they are released.

So necron codex in february in time for adepticon? Potentially yes... or possibly not. I'd say unlikely. I can imagine one coming relatively soon, and i'm sure I read somewhere they'll get the 'grey knight' treatment of an updated book but no real 'new' stuff... but again, its a bit speculative at this point.

Rumours suggest the next 40k army release to be blood angels... so between the 40k shield of baal campaign material, the BA release, and the next swathe of end times stuff for WHFB i'd suggest 'dont hold your breath'.

Still, your not supposed to use the rumour forum to ask questions.