View Full Version : Which power mark 1-5 best suits which non-cult traitor legion?

17-11-2014, 20:35
I have five minis, each is a different mark of power armour from one to five. I want to paint each one as a different traitor legion (excluding the cult legions Thousand Sons, World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor's Children).

Which legion would be best represented by which mark? Remember, I can only use each mark once!

17-11-2014, 21:28
When you say Mark 1, do you mean Thunder Armour? If so the only fitting Legion I could think of would be Luna wolves, and only then due the Outcast Dead.

So I suppose;
Mark 1: Luna Wolves
Mark 2: Iron Warriors
Mark 3: Irow Warriors again
Mark 4: Word Bearers
Mark 5: World Eaters or Sons of Horus
Mark 5/6*: Alpha Legion

*Just in case you're discounting Thunder Armour.

The Black Shield
17-11-2014, 21:34
I would say
Mark 1 - Word Bearers
Mark 2 - Son's of Horus
Mark 3 - Iron Warriors
Mark 4 - Night Lords
Mark 5- Alpha Legion
The Mk III and Iron Warriors is the only one I'm certain of.

17-11-2014, 21:45
Yea mark 1 is thunder armor by the method they're labelled.

I was thinking of painting that one Nightlord as it has thunder logos all over it :D

2 and 3 both look very iron warriors, but there can only be one!

I've given it some thought...

1: Night lords
2: Iron Warriors
3: Black Legion
4: Word Bearers
5: Alpha legion

Does that work well? The only problem is the Thunder Armour has a top knot which makes it look Lunar Wolves ... I might head swap one of the plastic skull helmets from the CSM kits to make it look more Night Lord... would such a conversion just ruin the mini?

17-11-2014, 21:58
I'd put Dark Angels as Mark 1. First Legion, Unforgiven, and all that...

17-11-2014, 23:26
or Imperial Fists. They seem to have an abnormally large amount of Thunder Armour. Must be the 100 years dicking around on Earth.

Sure, if you're doing Dornian Heresy, but we're talking Traitors here, and there were enough of DAngel traitors at the time of the Horus Heresy to still be hunted after 10,000 years.

18-11-2014, 00:08
By then they would be in Mk 3 at least. maybe Mk 4, as Caliban, if we are to believe The Unforgiven, was in cahoots with Horus.

And many were from Terra and probably still had access to Thunder Armour. So, since Traitor from Legion I, Mark I would be appropriate for theme. The later Mks would be appropriate if you wanted to catch them at the time of Caliban's dissolussion.

Death Guard would be appropriate as they tend to also be more traditional and tends toward classics, though it might be a little boring.

Luna Wolves could also do Mk I do to their strong-headed natures in proving how good they are, no matter their equipment.

Emperor's Children would focus on style, and probably avoid the gouche old Mks.

Alphas would use what ever was common amongst the Loyalists.

But those are just my thoughts.