View Full Version : any warhamer 40k players in east london,England?

17-11-2014, 19:47
so any londoners want a game of 40k?
im finding it near impossible at the moment to find an opponent and work don't allow me the time to get to many gaming clubs,so if your local or localish gimme a shout

17-11-2014, 20:33
Check out Darksphere in Lambeth, plenty of gaming space.


17-11-2014, 20:45
I'm in Bow, not really played since 4th ed though.

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17-11-2014, 21:12
thanks killgore ill check it out i use to go to plaza in west london but its mainly kids with stupidly over powered armies,some places have lost the balance.the staff are great dont get me wrong (incase theres any spies out there:shifty:)
ok muggs cool im in bow as well near devones road,im sendin this message from the built in vox relay,you gotta get up to date with the equipment buddy :p.
so you got any plans to get back into it?

18-11-2014, 12:53
I used to play a lot with my brothers, but now we're all working we don't get as much time to play. We had a dark heresy group for about 18months but it split up about 6months ago.

I'd like to get back into it, but I'm planning a wedding and work is quite busy (trying to fund the wedding!) as well as having an exam in January, so finding the time is the tricky part.

Probably not now, but maybe in Jan after my exam. Hopefully I'll have finished enough of my wolves!

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18-11-2014, 13:09
The overlords podcast crew meet in east london every Sunday. I've just moved to leyton and am planning to go some time

18-11-2014, 13:28
I'm in East Dulwich and sometimes go to Dark sphere.