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Whitwort Stormbringer
20-11-2014, 07:39
Hey fellas,

I think this is the right place for this, but if not, then please, Warseer =][= team, feel free to move it to wherever is most appropriate.

I will soon be venturing from the sunny shores of California to Nottingham, for a brief visit, and will obviously be popping in at Warhammer World. I understand that plenty of it is closed for renovation, but I'll only be in for lunch, to grab some beer, and then heading back out to see everything else that lovely, charming Nottingham has to offer.

I was there about 5 years back, and always regretted not picking up the Bugman's Brewery board game at the time. I see that, according to the web site, it is still on sale at the attached pub. Is it worth picking up? Reviews, session reports, and info in general are apparently scarce, at least on the world wide web, so it's hard to say whether or not I should bother. Is it a shoddily thrown-together affair, or is it a rollicking good time with friends?

Would love to hear some Warseerites' opinions on this hard-to-acquire game before nabbing it up.


20-11-2014, 08:32
No first hand information I'm afraid, not played it myself, though second-hand I gather it's not very good.

However they do have a copy set up permanently to play with, so while you're popping in for lunch you could probably have a quick go and decide for yourself.

20-11-2014, 09:07
The store copy will at least let you read the rules. IIRC they are pretty simple, and the game is really just a board and some cardboard tokens, but I've only just had a poke around at the store box rather than playing it.

21-11-2014, 15:29
I've played it a few tiems and found it quite good fun. It's quick, simple, and easy to play whilst you and a few buddies down some beers.

22-11-2014, 01:00
Its probably one of the last few games that doesn't have Warhammer in the title that they'll sell, if you're there then providing its not obscenely expensive it may well be worth picking up for the fun of it. Especially if you live in the USA, take it, have fun and worst comes to the worst - you can sell it on knowing that its probably not gonna come up on the California gaming scene that often.

At least you won't have any regrets about not picking it up again and realistically, who knows ow long it will remain on sale anyway now?

22-11-2014, 01:30
even if it was bad (i have not played it) i would just buy it as a remember/souvenir item :)

24-11-2014, 00:53
It's been a couple years since I played it but from memory, the basics of it is that you have to get from your table to the bar, pick up beer then get back again. Along the way, things happen such as having to fight other patrons. It's fun enough but you really don't get much for your money since it's all just cardboard tokens. For the price, you could get a much better board game.

27-11-2014, 15:10
Played it Monday night with a bunch of mates. 30 and we've had our use out of it over the years, it gets pulled out when we can't be bothered with a complex FFG board game or if some people drop out of our RPG sessions last minute and leave the rest of the assembled gathering in the lurch. We were literally in tears with laughter playing last time, as people soon cotton on that whoever is winning gets bullied into the ground, but that victim changes every turn leading to an ever shifting mad cap betrayal fest with dwarves flinging themselves suicidally at each other, at trolls, the other random patrons of the tavern, getting slapped by the barmaid with the big boobs, fleeced by the goblin loan shark, slipping in vomit or sitting a round out on the bogs to recover for the next scrap.

Card stock and art direction is great, the writing is funny and the game is a great laugh, especially if you have a few brews with a big bunch of mates!

Whitwort Stormbringer
02-12-2014, 16:56
Ultimately gave it a skip again, partly due to not being sure about how much use I'd get out if it (live away from most of my board gaming buddies, seems a touch pricey), but also in no small part because packing space was a bit of a premium, and some other souvenirs ended up taking precedence. One day (maybe)!

18-12-2014, 12:18
Just to add my 2p (late!). I own Bugmans, and it's alright, for a drinking game.

Not going to lie, i've only played it 2-3 times, and it does seem like the rules were knocked up in a drinking session (some ambiguity...), but the cards are funny, the art is great, and it's just plain awesome to play drunk dwarfs.

Should you buy it as a rich board game with lots of replay value? No.
Should you buy it as a nice souvenir of Warhammer World and break it out with drinks now and again? Yes.