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Lord Hurin
21-11-2014, 19:37
Here's my 2000 point Legion of Chaos army. C&C would be much appreciated.

Erlich Hawkmoon, the Kinslayer - 269pts
Chaos Lord; Barded Chaos Steed, Sword of Change, Shield

Skugath the Vile - 186pts
Level 2 Sorcerer of Nurgle; Barded Chaos Steed, Dispel Scroll

Rhun'nkar - 108pts
Wargor; Heavy armour, great weapon, Ramhorn Helm

Sons of the Last Plague - 336pts
18 Warriors of Nurgle; shields and Full Command

The Dogs of War - 60pts
10 Chaos Warhounds

The Cloven Ones - 240pts
30 Gors; Additional hand weapons

Riders on the Storm - 215pts
5 Chaos Knights; Ensorcelled weapons

The Walderbeasts - 336pts
24 Pestigors

Tvzz'izzt - 245pts
Chimera; Regenerating Flesh

1995 points total.

21-11-2014, 20:24
Your general and sorcerer are both squishy and underequiped. Knights are a little "meh", but if you want to run with them at least mark them, preferably nurgle.

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Lord Hurin
21-11-2014, 20:39
What extra equipment would you suggest then?

I'm kind of tired of Nurgle. I'm not in love with painting green. I see where you're coming from though. What to drop to free up points?

21-11-2014, 21:19
They need at least a ward save. Talisman of pres for one and endurance for the other. Alternately, you could give the sorc the ToP, and the lord the armor of destiny and a mundane shield.

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