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22-11-2014, 15:48
Where do I find the base sizes needed for the arcane creatures in the BRB?

22-11-2014, 16:04
There are none. Some of the models like the great fire dragon don't even come on a base.

22-11-2014, 18:31
So Transformation of Kadon allows the resultant monster to stay in the unit it was in if applicable - how do I work out what its footprint should be?

22-11-2014, 20:52
If you haven't given it a base it won't fit so that's that taken care of.
As for adding a base to a model that doesn't have one, look at existing monsters for the amount if overhang or extra base you normally get and extrapolate from there. As long as it doesn't look ridiculous most people won't complain.

forseer of fates
22-11-2014, 21:03
Can it? monsters that are characters cannot join units.

22-11-2014, 21:11
In my group, we use chariot bases for the monsters. Normal Dragons and all those are on those bases so should fit.

22-11-2014, 21:56
Can it? monsters that are characters cannot join units.

If you're asking about Transformation of Kadon, then yes; it specifically says so.

23-11-2014, 22:33
Chariot bases should work I think - there are monsters on both bigger and smaller bases so hopefully I should avoid people thinking I am trying to game the system.

I actually dont know what is more advantageous - a base that has the same footprint as the other models and so can sit inside the unit, displacing models, giving rank bonus and probably steadfast or a footprint that isnt compatible and sits on the corner of the unit just touching other models and letting the rest of the unit attack. I am more tempted by a base size that will fit but almost purely for aesthetic reasons.

24-11-2014, 20:36
Here you go, dragon on a chariot base. 203609

I am sure with some creative modeling you could get a dragon on a 25mm. :shifty:

24-11-2014, 20:52
Well a lot are on 50mm bases I think - the dark elf one, I think Imrik is on a 50 mm base, Galrauch is 50mm...