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23-11-2014, 16:44
Well I have decided my new army will be a post-Glottkin theme army.
Any feedback or ideas will be well appreciated as I am an OnG so not used to the forces of good.
Just please remember this is a theme army. I am not looking to crush all comers under my triumphant army of death. It is meant to be challenging to play with and bring my force into line with the sacking of Altdorf and the events right after. It is the Vanguard of Sigmar which is a force of Sigmarite Zealots that witnessed the events of Glottkin and have declared Karl Franz the living Sigmar and are heading forth to spread the light of the God Ascendant. It features as it General the new Arch Lector. He leads a retinue of Knights of Sigmars Blood, 2 companies of archers, a unit of Flagellents and scratch units of excited peasants. He has also attracted a Witch Hunter and a Warrior Priest both bent on retribution on the forces of Chaos.

The Vanguard of Sigmar

Arch Lector on War Altar with Horn and Dispell Scroll

Captain on warhorse, barding, shield, lance, heavy armour
Captain on warhorse, BSB w Warbanner, barding, shield, lance, heavy armour
Warrior Priest on warhorse, barding, heavy armour, shield, obsidian blade
Witch Hunter, brace of pistols, speculum

8 inner Circle Knights, F/c
10 Archers, 2 x 5 Det. Free Company
10 Archers, 2 x 5 Det. Free Company

20 Flagellants

Roughly 1500pts. The idea then is to add 2 Steam Tanks to make 1750 and 2000. They will be called "The Light" and "The Hammer" as the army are supposed to be bringing both to the world :-)

24-11-2014, 09:12
The war altar feels really useless in you list. i would replace it for a wizard. You kinda want a lv 4 wizard and empire can bring some cheap pain as your wizards are really cheap.
give your archers an 5 archer detechment.

forseer of fates
24-11-2014, 09:16
Also there is no war alter atm its lost in Sylvania.

24-11-2014, 10:04
Didn't know that either, but yeah maybe some greatswords there's always dismounted knights...since the confines of Altdolf didn't promote horseback fighting.

Idk what the arch lector brings that a warrior priest won't so maybe a Grandmaster appropriate? Or just swap it all for great swords this a couple of knights would serve more than ur free company.

24-11-2014, 13:36
Hmmm I see the point about the war altar and I really have just included it for the theme. Just re read that bit about it being in Sylvania too. Can't believe I missed that.
Thinking about removing the regular Captain and the altar and replacing them with a Level 4 Mage on a Luminark. Still fits the theme and gives the Flagellants a 6 plus ward. Not to mention the Light Magic buffs which should help them make it to combat.

24-11-2014, 14:58
Hmm, looking at the Luminark, which is awesome since...Giant LAZER BEAM :D But you put that wizard on there, and he's like an open buffet to any form of fire, so it's best to have him either in a unit, or with a unit of skirmishing archers for that good ol' -1 to hit! (I'm going to be tryng glittering scales too, so -2 to hit!) But I'm interested to see how this goes, so good luck :D

24-11-2014, 15:43
He will be a bit of a shooting magnet yes but the lore of light buffs should make up for this. Especially as the higher casts target all friendly within 6"/12" so can protect the Flagellants too. Also this is a mobile army so the idea is to get up the board and attack rather than sit back in a traditional empire gunline

25-11-2014, 10:20
Good luck with the Knights and Flagallants, I''ve played so many games with these two and I'm convinced their either cursed or right up rubbish.

26-11-2014, 11:12
I think there's too many points in heroes and lords. With that list you don't really have anything that is threatening or can deal a lot of damage for more than one turn. I've been playing a lot of 1000 points games with Empire recently and if there's one thing that they do well then it's warmachines, yet you have none. You could drop the Arch Lector and a captain and grab a cannon, hellblaster and engineer and it would be far more useful to you. If you can find points for a heavens wizard then you should maybe have a look at trying to fit one in. A lot of people don't rate heavens as it doesn't have the "killing power" of some of the other lores, but what it does do is weaken your foes and boost your units.

I also wouldn't put too much faith in Empire combat characters because they are rubbish.

This is what I normally run at 1000 points. I'm not saying you should copy it or anything (I play mostly for fun so some ideas may seem a little whacky), but you should be able to see the difference in power levels. Even this list is pretty weak.

1 Wizard Lord, lv3, lore of heavens.
1 Engineer.
6 Knights, great weapons, standard and champion.
10 Handgunners.
10 Archers.
1 Cannon.
20 Flagellants.
1 Hellblaster.

With this list I've got a solid block of hard hitting infantry that are unbreakable, but will die in droves to shooting or faster troops. There is also a unit of knights that hit at S5 in every round of combat and make a great flanking unit. I can use the archers to protect my warmachines from flying units and to pick off chaff. I can also use them to keep the flagellants from charging if I place them in front. The handgunners act as bodyguard to my wizard lord who throws out a boosted harmonic convergence if I get lucky with rolling. Alternatively he can weaken enemy troops with curse of the midnight wind and iceshard blizzard. If I roll a damaging spell then he can chuck that at monsters or elite infantry to try and kill them off before they get close. The lore attribute for heavens is also quite good if you are playing against flying units. In my last few games I have zapped a terrorgheist and a unit of harpies thanks to the bonuses it grants.

I just don't think your list has enough threats or big damage dealers. After the charge knights with lances don't really kill much, even with S4. As for flagellants, you will be lucky to have them last more than a couple of combat rounds and whilst they may hit hard in round one, they die in droves. You need something to shoot up enemies as they close with you. How can you turn down a hellblaster and cannon?

Well that's just my opinion anyway. :)