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24-11-2014, 06:57
So I have my first fantasy tournament coming up next month and have few uses to try out a nagash list. Love my shaven horde but the possibility of putting even more zombies/skeletons on the ya le it too appealing. The main idea of the list is to get the most out of nagash and why I've gone very heavy on magic. The hierotitan and Morris engine combine should make nagash a base of 8-10 so casting with a single d6 should be easy enough on things like ryze. The other necromancers will sit in the unit of zombies and one in the skeletons constantly casting inbox atop on their units. On a side note is the 6" taken from the caster or the unit of infantry he is in?



14 skeleton warriors with command
14 skeleton warriors with command
44 zombies
44 zombies

3 spirit hosts
3 spirit hosts

Morris engine with tome

Comments and suggestions please!

forseer of fates
24-11-2014, 08:54
What's with the 14 skeletons? I would have a casket and loose two of the necromancers, there's no reason for them to be there, give the necromancer dispel scroll:) very small list:P

24-11-2014, 09:08
the only problem i see is what if you fail your cast rol because failed to cast with 1 dice is like 50 procent chance. and it end your magic phase rolling a 1/2/3. so you have to 2 dice everything but the last spel. I think the skellies are oke because they give you a few drops. You might wanna use some hounds

24-11-2014, 10:10
Defs a casket would be better for u since u want more dice, nagash won't guarantee u dice. The necromancers need to hold smthing like scrolls or power stones or book of Arkhan? I'm really not sold on the Morris engine. You probably want to choose all the cheap things like corpse carts and dire wolves in your main list and summon on all the expensive stuff to get the most out of Nagash triple point cost.

24-11-2014, 11:29
Thanks for the feedback so far! Few answers to questions asked so far... The 2 units of skeletons are to be buffed every turn by necromancers with lore of vampires, as are the zombies. For this reason I thought it wasn't that important to add more bodies but take the command as this is something I can't add later.

The lack of casket is an oversight as I thought the points Max was 500 for rates (used to playing 2k) and I didn't a just for the 2400 limit. I will be adding a casket in light of this.

The 3 level 1 necromancers are there mainly because of the +2 boost from the Morris engine. Essentially they can cast invocation on a 3+ which I hope will boost the hell out of the unit numbers in the zombies.

My plan was to summon characters as needed with nagash, that way I could give them specific items instead of generic ones.

My first turn magic sequence is going to be
1. Nagash cast ryze 9+ and summon 50 zombies 36" away on a flank to distract and stop marching.
2. Nagash summons a vampire hero, level 2 wizard/blender.
3. All necromancers cast invocation on their own units.
4. If any dice remain I'll try to cast another summoning spell or have nagash cast invocation 18".

The first 3 actions could be theoretically done on a 3+ roll for nagash and the necromancers with the boost from Mortis engine and hierotitan if in not mistaken...