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27-11-2014, 05:21
Alright so I've gone through a couple of the ideas that were given to me, and I think this is a pretty interesting list. I've read that WoC have to get to their enemies as quick as possible so I guess a mounted army is a good shot in the right direction. I also like how I can use most of these models in later pointed games. Makes my wallet happy...

Exalted Hero: w/ shield, biting blade, barded chaos steed, hideous visage - 144

Marauder Horsemen:w/ (x7), shields - 85
Warhounds - 30
Warhounds - 30

Chaos Knights:w/ MoK - 210

Okkaayyy, so the plan is to have the exalted hero hop wth the Chaos Knights kickin' ass, takin' names. The Marauder Horsemen are there to quickly take out any wizards or cannons if there are any. The Warhounds are there to provide cover? What DO warhounds do anyways? I think this is the list I like the most because I just painted up 10 warhounds out of LotR wargs and I want to use them once or twice ;)

Maybe it'll be a better idea to give the Marauder's MoK and maybe an armament instead of having 7 of them.

I hate how much the hero on the horse costs, $40 is a lot. Maybe I can sculpt a tentacle coming out of his eye to represent a hideous visage. I actaully sculpted manes on all my wargs because I lost the little tufts that come with them. I think it's a lot better than the "tuft-ed" version. I'll be sure to post pictures on a new thread under this name you should check it out.

28-11-2014, 16:26
Much improved over your previous 500 point list. As for what hounds do, it's simple. They die ... And win you games. They draw missile fire from your important units, allowing them to cross unscathed ; they redirect opponents/block up your opponents' redirecters, save frenzied troops from having to charge prematurely ...

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In Dark Trees
01-12-2014, 13:45
I like this list. It's fast and it hits hard. The Warhounds are, as the previous poster indicated, designed to function as fixers. They get in the enemy's way, disrupt his/her troops, and generally make nuisances of themselves.

My Beastmen would probably struggle to contain this list.