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28-11-2014, 15:16
Is it too early for this?

Anyway, does anyone have some good suggestions for killing either of the new versions of Malekith? The 2++ against mundane attacks, T6 W10 and ignoring multiple wounds makes him very tough. His damage output is pretty impressive too.

Wardsaves against fire would be good against phoenix king Malekith, BotWD would be good against either version. Destroying his items would make him a lot easier to deal with too. So high elves should be fine, but what about everyone else?

28-11-2014, 18:00
As a WE player... Enough poison will do the trick, with his armor going to a 4+ it shouldn't be that hard to quickly get him down
Other than that? Lore of metal seems like aa pretty good bet

For my undead legions? Ehh... Terror geihst might just be back...

28-11-2014, 18:40
Searing Doom to the face a couple times should do the trick.

28-11-2014, 21:15
Followed by Gehenna's Golden Hounds if that gets countered.

29-11-2014, 11:28
Yep, that's a good idea. Some low casting value cascades from one of the character killers or lore of metal spells you mentioned should do the trick.

It should look something like this then, and i am certain i know what GWs rules writers do in their spare time to find inspiration:

30-11-2014, 15:22
you could also infernal gateway his butt. 2d6 hits and 2d6 Strength if u roll 10+ on the Strength then it becomes 3d6 hits. pooof. dead. if someone takes malakith then just do the honorable thing and take a lvl 4 wizard with the lore of tzeentch and the power scroll. he cant stop you and while u will suffer a miscast taking a wound and losing a spell or two is worth it when u knock his 1000pt elf rear to the ground.

30-11-2014, 16:28
Searing doom, Infernal Gateway or 2 runed up organ guns.

Lord Zarkov
30-11-2014, 16:44
Remember though you only get D6 dice to cast a spell with as Malekith being in play necessarily means ET magic.

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30-11-2014, 16:58
Khorne Daemons, plenty of high strength magic attacks everywhere.

Atticus Maxwell Rex
01-12-2014, 16:22
A gun line of magical dwarven canons. A dozen banshees.

01-12-2014, 16:37
Malekith is quite possibly the easiest to bring down due to his glaring weakness to anything magical. Hagbane arrows will do the trick.