View Full Version : Battle Foam's Black Friday Sale - Is The Malifaux Bag Good?

29-11-2014, 06:43
Battle Foam has some nice items up for up to 60% off. One of them is the Malifaux Breach Load Bag for 50% off. I need a case to fit a lot of Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Bretonnians and Chaos Warriors. My question is, will these pre-cut foam trays be good for said GW models? Or will they only truly fit what they're meant for?



29-11-2014, 08:24
Yeah the standard load-out should take a reasonable force of space marines. Malifaux bases are bigger (30/40/50mm) so you should be able to get marines into each of the pre-cut slots, and the pick-and-pluck will take a few bigger items.

It's probably of limited use for cavalry or monstrous infantry and Malifaux doesn't have many, but it'd be fine for infantry and vehicles.

Edit: Sorry, I was looking at the small bag. That'll take a lot of your stuff; you'll get standard infantry into the 6 cut-out trays. You might still struggle for cavalry though.