View Full Version : Advice Me-on a beardy orc list

pinball wizard
26-06-2006, 18:22
I want to make an orc army, capable of beating any army, ive got loads of boyz with two choppas, three chariots, sum characters and a giant

can anyone come up with a really good, 1500 list

thanks in advance


28-06-2006, 09:34
there is no orc army with a giant that can beat any army.

if you wanna go beardy, set up for a nightgoblin armylist with tons of wolveriderbridges.

(even then you'll get beaten by treehuggers hiding in difficult terrain.)

28-06-2006, 23:01

What is a wolveriderbridge? I played O&G for long enough but never heard of this before.


28-06-2006, 23:38

Not gonna happen with a greenskin list.
you can make solid lists, but nothing that will beat all comers.
There are much more powerful army options.

29-06-2006, 07:30
wolveriderbridge... the beardiest tactic there is. you need for every bridge at least 3 wolveriders - light cavallery rules, 2 inch long, 1 inch wide per model. with three wolveriders (of course you'll have to take 5 as a core unit) you can set them for 6" lengh.

now you set them 1'' in front of an enemy unit (that's the closest you can go) and 'draw' a line in the direction of your nightgoblins. move the goblins next to the riders and you will be within 8'' of the enemy unit... so fanatics will be released. the fanatic will now reach under all circumstances the enemy unit... you roll a two (won't get killed when released if both dices show the same number), they reach the wolves (which will be 1 inch from the goblins) and then be moved ONE INCH behind the unit that were hit. so... they're moved automaticly into the enemy unit... which is apparently 1'' from the wolveriders.

this is basic... but with this tactic you can hit even units that are more than 20 inches away from the goblins... as long as they are able to move into a position where they are able to release the fanatics as well as to see the other units. and if you can manage to set up a good number of wolveriders in the way of the fanatic.

always a question therefore: are all fanatics of the same unit sent out at once (and dmg calculated afterwards) or is the dmg to be calculated seperately... (we usualy take the second)

don't try this at home, you will not have more friends by using such tactics.