View Full Version : Noooooo! Don't Disappear!

The National Elf Service
08-12-2014, 20:48
I was going to buy the Sauron model (the one from the beginning of the Fellowship), but I had noticed he has been sold out for quite a long time now. Still, it is a really old model so it probably discontinued now. :)

The Black Shield
08-12-2014, 20:51
I actually I had heard that was the plan. Once their license expires they would discontinue the line.

09-12-2014, 19:28
He's back up for sale.

Light of the Emperor
09-12-2014, 23:46
Good to hear.
I actually bought about $200 of LotR stuff just because I was fearing some of the older metal models would get dropped for no reason whatsoever. Looks like that actually happened with the metal captain/ banner bearer models. FYI, the finecast box set command replacements are not as good...

13-12-2014, 21:42
Born and bear seem to have gone already!!

Sniper Kelly
14-12-2014, 12:07
Born and bear seem to have gone already!!

He's not listed, but if you do a search for him he's still there. At least on the UK site.

14-12-2014, 21:53
Oh right, hadn't realised that.

16-12-2014, 20:57
Please dont worry about availability unless you are a GW collector, there are plenty of alternatives out there for general troop types and Mithril Miniatures make more characters than GW by a country mile.

The National Elf Service
16-12-2014, 21:55
Yeay! He is back in stock! I can get him now for my opponent to make them stronger! Wait a minute... :)

24-12-2014, 13:09
Back in the LOTR hey-day, between 2003-2007, I had always wished they would release a Last Alliance Sourcebook.

With a multi-pose plastic Sauron kit, and new models for Gil Galad and Elendil. A plastic Sauron kit would have been a huge boost to LOTR sales.