View Full Version : Contents of the Stormclaw boxed set?

13-12-2014, 20:16

I would like to ask those of you, who have bought the Stormclaw boxed set, if the Wolf Guard, the Killa Kans, the Nobs in the box, have the same options in equipment and weapons, as if you bought a unit box separately?

Lord Damocles
13-12-2014, 20:28
Yes. They're the same sprues as you get in the standard boxes.

14-12-2014, 06:26
Seconded, I don't really know about the Ork half of the box as I split it with a pal, but the Wolf part is literally just the sprues of two Grey Hunter boxes and a Wolf Guard Terminator set sprue. Identical to the individual kits. Oh, and Krom.

Chilled out Charlie
14-12-2014, 08:39
Think that's wrong actually. You get the sprues for one grey hunter box allowing you to make 10 guys and the wolf guard plus krom. The orks get three kills kans, a box of nobz, Gretchin and grukk face rippa.

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