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17-12-2014, 23:14

I have been mulling and tweaking my list in Army builder for a while now and I think I have finally some up with the one that I am happy with. What I love about Chaos Dwarfs is Chaos Dwarfs!
I am a long time Dwarf player ( I first played DnD in about 1983 and my very first character was a dwarven fighter )
So with that in mind the only non dwarf figures are the hobgoblin khans

Morgrim Ashbeard- Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut- Level 4, Talisman of preservation, Earthing Rod and Dragonhelm

Kanizhar the Cannibal- BSB- Mask of the Furnace

Thoth Doombeard- Daemonsmith of Fire- Charmed shield

Nobbla Khan- wolf, light armour and shield plus warrior bane sword

Gitlip Khan- wolf. lt armour, shield and spear

Bungla Khan- wolf. lt armour, shield and spear

Yogla Khan- wolf. lt armour, shield and spear

33 Infernal Guard- hand weapons and shield plus full command

24 Infernal Guard- great weapons and shield plus full command

Magma Cannon

Iron Daemon



Plan is for the big unit, which will also have the bsb and Sorcerer to be the anvil in the middle. On its flank is the hellcannon (Morgrim will be its engineer)
The other flank has the Great weapons slightly back as the hammer with the Irondaemon alongside them. The MC and DSR will position wherever is most advantageous and the Daemonsmith will baby sit them.