View Full Version : What to get, if I wanted a fun 1000 pts army?

18-12-2014, 08:52
Hi guys,

I am planning to get myself a new army for Christmas and was wondering, if you could advise.

I want it to be exactly 1000 pts, preferably with low model count, some diversity and mobility. In other words, something interesting to play. It doesn't have to be something competetive. On the contrary, it will be only used in casual games. Something fluffy. An example I was thinking about would be assault oriented Raven Guard army. Something like this :)

I already own Dark Eldar and Chaos Space Marines, so that's out.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Snake Tortoise
18-12-2014, 09:13
Could try tyranids. Dakka hive tyrant, hive crone, a pair of warrior units and then whatever else you fancy. Those units cover the mandatory force org slots, give you anti air, anti armour, two flying monstrous creatures for the opponent to worry about, the warriors can take barbed stranglers for anti infantry and they provide synapse for whatever else you want to finish out the list. That leaves you about 400 points to play with.

Not Applicable
18-12-2014, 09:26
Dark angels
Sammael with his jet bike
Ravenwing command squad - 3 knights, Standard of Devastation
Ravenwing attack squad - 6 bikes 1 meltaguns
Ravenwing attack squad - 6 bikes 1 meltaguns
Ravenwing attack squad - attack bike multimelta
Ravenwing attack squad - attack bike multimelta
Ravenwing attack squad - landspeeder multimelta / multimelta
Ravenwing attack squad - landspeeder multimelta / multimelta


18-12-2014, 11:51
You could run Mechanicum. Gets your low model count and fluffy requirements.
Magos, a couple squads of Thallax, a pair of Castellax, and a Krios Venator.
That's a total of 10 models on the battlefield at 1k.

18-12-2014, 12:30
You could go for a Farsight Enclave Tau list full of suits. That would gobble up 1000 points pretty quick, and be very limited model count. Very mobile and fluffy.

18-12-2014, 15:54

One big thing modelled and painted as Santa (a warboss, stompa, gorkanaught, or whatever), everything else as elves.

Vehicles can have Rudolph noses and antler detailing.

18-12-2014, 22:26
Have you considered Daemons? That way they could ally with your CSM as well.
A Bloodthirster, skull cannon, 2 boxes of bloodletters for troops, 10 khorne dogs and a soul grinder. Once you add rewards that should be about 1K. Some ranged, some fast CC, one big flying monster and a walking tank with a built-in Skyfire enabled weapon.

Once you add in rewards that should be 1000 points.

19-12-2014, 03:03
You could get some Deathwing.

A fairly cheap army to play, 15 Terminators + HQ and whatever support you want, maybe you can push it up to 20 Termies and an HQ, not sure. Or you could go 10 Terminators, HQ, Landraider and some support.

Not your average army and is pretty much the exact opposite of Dark Eldar.

Asura Varuna
19-12-2014, 18:46
I'd vote demons for the battle brothers opportunity. Either take a fluffy monogod list like Dominoris suggested or opt for the usual power units - Be'lakor, Heralds, Khorne Dogs, Seekers, Daemonettes etc. If you want super super low model model count you could go for a mini flying circus - Be'lakor, Fateweaver, a few Nurgling bases and a couple of Daemon Princes. That's more like a 1,500 point list.