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18-12-2014, 16:16
Hey guys! Been playing DE for a while now and have come up with a 1500 lost, which i actually really think will perform well.

Just need outside advice from people with years of experience to critique my list. Thanks.

Here it is:


Lvl 2 Sorc
+dark steed
(Lore either Dark/shadow)

+Enchanted shield
+ Lance

Death Hag
+Cry of war


X 5 Dark riders
(soreceress in with this unit)

X 20 Witch elves
+standard of discipline
(Death hag in with this unit)


X 20 Executioners

X 2 Cold one chariots

X 5 Shades
+Great weapons


x 5 Doomfire Warlocks

I really think this list packs some punch, although that is from my own lack of knowledge opinion lol.
With the witches and executioners i'm planning on having both units 7 wide and 3 deep.
Chariots in a unit of 2 in supporting on the left of my witches. To the right of my witches is the executioners.
Dark riders with sorceress to run about and cast magic, hopefully shoot some stuff too hehe.
Shades to just add that annoying factor and hopefully suppress war machines.
Brolocks to either act as anti-chaff and/or stick with my dark riders and shadow them.

What do you guys think, am i lacking anything? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

22-12-2014, 08:00
U don't need enchanted shield ur already at 1+ with a regular shield ; pick up dawnstone if u want him solid. Personally id drop the Pegasus and just darksteed and hero bus ur doom fires charge out turn two. Or first if ur going second. Then give the hag witchbrew and place her with executioners or witch elves depending on what ur versing. Everything else is solid.

22-12-2014, 16:18
Thanks for the reply! I've taken your advice seriously and definately seen the benefits of the switching. In terms of hero bus do you mean slam my Sorceress and Master in with the Doomfires on steeds?
Dawnstone is definately a 'must' as i've read up on it since you advised me to take it. It completely escaped my mind so thank you for refreshing it for me :D

My only worry is 20 witches and 20 Executioners can whittle down very quickly, hence the chariots grouped togeather to add support on the weakest flank. Would you work this list any other way?

23-12-2014, 12:40
The list is fine. If u want something more brutal. Make the changes above** Drop the level two and pick up 5 more doomfires so u have two units. With the spare points up the shades to more bodies. Drop the dark riders for a pure witch elf core. So at 375pts take two units 16 and put a standard in each. Take additional hand weapons instead for shades.

Depending on what u need to live more, deploy ur shades infront of them. To give ur exes or witch unit a soft/heavy cover bonus against shooting. Unless terrain is very favourable scout ur shades forward to threaten war machines and gun lines. But really with two units of warlocks and a noble with 1+ on their flanks u should be able to pressure ur opponent to deal with them first. Then just let ur other units mop up in turn three.

Master should have: heavy armour, sea dragon, dragon helm, halberd, Dawnstone, dark steed, if points allow; MR1. Giving ur warlocks 3+ ward against magic.

23-12-2014, 17:48
Thanks again for the further advice. I will make the original changes actually, take the peg away and throw the master in with the brolocks. Did you also say throw the sorceress in with the locks also?

The other changes to make it more brutal is a definate consideration. I am planning on swiftly converting to a 2400 list in the new year but for now i am going to game at 1500.

Another question if you dont mind? I'm thinking of running my witches 7 wide and 3 deep with the Death Hag in there. Executioners 5 wide 4 deep, sort of acting as a net to hold enemy units up so my Chariots can smash into the side of whatever the executioners are engaging (in a perfect world). Any advice on how i should be lining this setup on the battlefield would be ace.

And......i feel the 1 unit of Dark Riders is pointless. Do you? I know they can tie up chaff, but..........

26-12-2014, 10:54
Also, my whole idea is to use my left infantry unit (the witches) to tie something upso then i can slam my chariots into the enemy unit. Witches die fast but r also super killy, my point is as much as i love witches is Black Ark Corsairs still a reasonable choice/ I know less attacks but a 4+ AS......tasty in my eyes. But then again, less attacks.

05-02-2015, 19:36
Is that enough points to fill ur core???