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19-12-2014, 14:49
Figured I'll make a change from the "angry at GW and what (not)to buy for Christmas" topics and take things down a notch for a more reflective look back at the year

"What are moment(s) in 2014 which defined this hobby for you?"

Was it starting a new army, your first tournament, perhaps even as simple as finding this site or a particular thread/plog. Obviously end times will be a big part of everyone's year but is that the moment which defined the year for you personally?

Myself: It was a simple thing of purchasing my airbrush and my various triumphs and failures brought about it.

A very close second place has got to be the release of wood elves, its especially poient to me as they were my first real army I felt a passion for back in 1996. More so as I finally painted my "flying cavalry arm" I'd been dreaming about for nearly 20 years.

19-12-2014, 14:56
The woodelf release. It drew me back into warhammer and away from the trainwreck that is 40k.

19-12-2014, 15:09
Two bits for me -

First off is the End Times getting people in my area psyched about Warhammer again

Secondly is me finally starting my Chaos Dwarf army this year!

19-12-2014, 15:26
I made my first display board and attended my first Grand Tournament this year.

Andy p
19-12-2014, 18:26
I managed to paint soldiers with spears and haven't once yet impaled myself.

Spiney Norman
19-12-2014, 18:30
The woodelf release. It drew me back into warhammer and away from the trainwreck that is 40k.

At the time the wood elf release was a major highlight for me, but it was comprehensively eclipsed by the announcement of the End Times series, and in particular the release of a new model for Nagash

Just Tony
19-12-2014, 19:30
2014 was marked by my friend Joe talking me into getting the current rules and diving back into the game, and End Times coming out and crushing any chance he had of convincing me to spend money on anything until the dust settles, if at all.

19-12-2014, 19:40
I finished painting my Dreadfleet set entirely! I haven't had a 'wow, it's done, for good" moment regarding Warhammer for years!

Also, the whole ET deal, it really rekindled my interest in Warhammer.

19-12-2014, 19:51
Sorry if this drags the thread down to the I hate GW level, but:

2014 was the first year since 1989 that I havent made a single purchase from GW. In many ways that makes me very sad indeed. Also makes me feel a bit old.

19-12-2014, 20:23
I managed to paint soldiers with spears and haven't once yet impaled myself.

Quoted for truth. The only one of my WFB units that ever successfully inflicted a wound on a PLAYER was a regiment of speargoblins. Spiked my hand on them so hard that when I picked it up, two Gobbos came with it.

19-12-2014, 20:33
2014 - we started with our winter / spring 40k campaign where i broke out my eldar army for the first time in a long time.

Later we did lustria for fantasy and I spent a long time putting together jungle tables, and fighting in the jungle.

It was the first year I started using an airbrush.

It was the year our club broke 70 active GW players in one year for campaign events.

All in all I would classify 2014 as a very successful year.

19-12-2014, 20:36
Personally, 3 key moments for me:
-Finally starting 'nids.
-ET rekindling the interest on WHFB in my area (even if I'm not fond of the result itself)
-GW beating my purse even harder with even more 'nids releases

19-12-2014, 21:25
Been a great year for me. Started the year with me finishing the painting of Skullvane Manse. Also painted an old Man 'o War Bretonnian Galleon from the era of White Dwarf of the first issue I ever bought. End Times have been the release highlight of the year for me.

19-12-2014, 23:45
I am sorry for bringing in more "angry at GW" (though anger is too strong a word - at this point I'm more saddened by GW than angry at them), but unfortunately I simply don't have a lot of good things to say about this year hobby-wise. 2014 was not a good year for my hobby. While I was able to get all the Wood Elf models essential to my fledgling army before the new book and changed models hit, the aforementioned new Wood Elf release dealt a terrible blow to my enthusiasm for what is easily my favourite Warhammer Fantasy faction. I did manage to recover, but just as I did the End Times series was released. Unlike many on here, the End Times release was not a highlight for me, but the absolute nadir of my hobby enjoyment, not just for the year but for my entire time as a tabletop hobbyist so far. It almost completely destroyed my enthusiasm for Warhammer Fantasy (which had up until this year skyrocketed), and only the discovery of Folk Metal music (Eluveitie to be precise) prevented me from loosing all interest in it. The only thing that has thus far come close to making me as miserable about my hobby was the discontinuation of the Specialist Games model lines last year, and even now my enthusiasm for Warhammer Fantasy has yet to fully recover (it's come back a fair bit since the dark days of the Nagash release, but it has still yet to reach the same heights as my golden age of Warhammer Fantasy enthusiasm from the start of 2013 to about the start of this year).

Funnily enough, I seem to have had the exact opposite reaction to most of the Warhammer community this year - while a lot of people seem to consider Fantasy to have gone from strength to strength and 40k to have crashed and burned, I feel like Fantasy has crashed and burned and am extremely eager to get back into 40k - my despair over the End Times, coupled with the current Tau codex (which is about the only new release I can think of to have actually pleasantly surprised me) has begun to trigger a 40k renaissance for me.

2014 was a breaking point, the first year that I well and truly became really disillusioned with GW (2013 dealt some damage, but it wasn't the end of the world for my GW enthusiasm), but it is not all darkness and despair. There are some tiny points of starlight amidst the very dark night.

Hence why I would say the moment of 2014 that defined my hobby would be the Wood Elf release (though not for the same reasons as others). It heavily damaged my enthusiasm for Warhammer Fantasy, yes, and it did make me extremely upset with GW. but at the same time, it also gave me an extremely interesting story arc for my army background (I went back to using the previous book, and reflected this by having my Asrai declare themselves independent of the rest of Athel Loren and continue to follow the ways described in the previous book, while the rest of Athel Loren changed to the new book's methods. This effectively put my own territory of Athel Loren in a state of cold war with the 12 eternal realms and had all sorts of room for intrigue), which in turn helped to shape and define the character of my Wood Elves (stubborn non-conformists essentially). What's more, it also cemented me very firmly as a storyteller hobbyist, whose main enjoyment of the hobby came from background stories, and showed me that I don't have to follow the rules GW throws at me - if I'm happier with an older set, there's nothing to stop me from continuing to use it.

When I reminisce about all those years of tribulation, I mostly remember the songs. My Warhammer enthusiasm died, and my joy seeped away on the discussion forums. But the songs I liked survived, together with the models that I finished. And the background that I published on the Internet. And as they too will die one day, the songs will live on, and will inspire new hobbyists, and other new hobbyists after that. This is how we will be remembered. This is who I was - a hobbyist who wrote background packed with symphonic/folk metal references.

20-12-2014, 01:11
I'll start with the here and now before my recap: The End Times are easily the most controversial thing to happen to Fantasy since 8th edition. I've really enjoyed the story, unlike a lot of older gamers who are in the five stages of grief over Malekith becoming King of the Elves. I don't like Armies turning into Legions, but figure this might be an "End Times Only" ploy by GW.

So now I'll turn to the front of 2014.

I had been collecting new armies since last September, just small ones of ~500 points that usually culminated with the Battalion and a Hero. By the end of March I would have ~500 points of every army except Ogre Kingdoms. A couple still sit in those boxes today, waiting their taste of daylight in the shadow of the eternal project. Of all these purchases, two would become very memorable ones. A February purchase was the newly released Dwarf Battleline. The other was a shrinkwrapped 6th Edition Starter Set (to be fair, the box appears to be beginning to cave in) for ~$90 on eBay. February's Dwarfs and April's Wood Elves, and rumors of a possible 9th edition release were a cheerful sign to me that the 8th edition armybooks (or at least my general want of an 8th Ed Brets Book) would be completed before a hypothesized 9th Edition Summer release.

Instead summer was 40K's Seventh Edition S***storm. I don't find anything exciting about the 40K setting, which is the main reason I play Fantasy. Really where GW screwed up this year was showing us a four month hard-on for 40K that wasn't necessary, and telling Fantasy players to head to the back of the bus. Just before the July 4th holiday ('Murica!) me and a friend and took up playing Warmahordes, and keeping a decent budget with it too. Things were weird during this four month Fantasy hiatus. I'm not a person who takes glee in watching others fail, but as we finished July with no end in 40K releases in sight, I fell into the dark place of taking glee in reading others rage-quit 40K because of 7th Ed.

August's End Times Nagash was heartwarming. As the year rolled into September, I joined the store's escalation league and cracked into the Dwarf Battleline I mentioned earlier. By the end of the year my Dwarf Army was happily fleshed out, although the majority is unpainted. So far I have liked what I've seen from The End Times.

20-12-2014, 05:20
2014 was awesome sauce!

Having a baby, my 1st, took many months out for me but all in all:

- Recently played two games of The Hobbit after a long break, loved it, and organizing an event in January for 10 LOTR players at the GW store!!!

- Attended a few tournaments for Warhammer and 40k, lots of fun!

- Raised a bunch of monies for the Foodbank and BC Childrens Hospital with a bunch of gamers - rubbing events for charity

- Warhammer: Endtimes really got my hobby Juices flowing!!! So deep into the series and even bought a new Chaos Nurgle Daemons army with a Maggot Lord and Blight Kings!!

- Played 4 games from Nagash and one from Glotkin with forces representive of the scenerios - and the armies were fully painted none the less!

- Finally have a hobby room all to myself! Isn't ready yet but it's nice knowing that it's going to happen one day!

- Started collecting Astra Militrum and Orks for my 2015 project

Looking forwards to 2015!!!!

20-12-2014, 05:49
Two key points for me:
- finding a handful of new players to battle against, who are all funny player with great armies
- the nagash release, so much fluff and new opportunity for my TK army

Now i'm just waiting for 9th to see where we are going ^_^

20-12-2014, 08:10
The Nagash release was the thing for me this year, made me more interested in warhammer than Ive been in a long time, in fact it meant the game I played most this year was warhammer (total of 17 games this year, compared to 6 last year)

20-12-2014, 08:34
1. Nagash is back. My all time favourite character
2. New Nids (been playing them since 1992)
3. Complaining about the bad Nid dice and GW sending me 40! of the new/better ones ( I only bought 20). Cudos GW

20-12-2014, 09:09
1) Wood Elves getting some love.
2) Dwarfs getting some new troop based strategies to try thanks to Vanguard
3) End Times stuff has been really fun. Not all the additional rules are great, but the fluff is fun, and the combined army lists add a lot of options.
4) Starting a plog got me painting regularly again. And I'm starting to enjoy it again, like I used to :)

20-12-2014, 09:50
Dwarfs my main came to 8th!!
Started 40k with orks/nids
Started Lizardmen for first time ever
Finished painting my twin phoenixes finally (Fire and Frost)
End times being well.... on the one hand im super amped. On the other..... I love my Tomb Kings and Chaos Dwarfs.

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20-12-2014, 11:27
Getting my woodies to be decent play size was awesome!
Getting my mordheim plan all made up felt great, as well as painting some of them minis.

Lord Dan
20-12-2014, 18:19
Finally settling down and getting my own hobby space. :D

20-12-2014, 19:52
I giggled like a schoolgirl in anticiption of the woodelves release. Nothing legal has has me that excited in a long time and I'm loving playing them.

20-12-2014, 21:16
I already owned tk and lizardmen painted however i didnt fully flesh out my core for around 4000 points each until spri g 2014. That hobby momentum kept going and before i knew it i had a big dwarf purchase and the new book in my closet. My empire is almost painted upt to 3000

Expanded my tomb kings to make room for arkhan and some ethereal models (his enslaved souls). Nagash inc soon. I got all 3 of the books. I thought khaine was the weakest of the 3 and by far the most damaging to the lore so it sits a little funny on me right now. Over all i love 8th edition, wood elves wowed me and dwarfs blew me away. I hope gw keeps up the 8th standard and stays around for several decades until im 80 and still rollin the dice

20-12-2014, 22:31
End times, in particular, End Times: Glottkin.
My first army and love is the Beastmen so the update just for them feels like a breath of fresh air.
But when I heard that the 3 chaos army was one army before, I always wanted to take daemons or WoC alongside my Beastmen and now I can do that.
An almost dream come true.
And I was thinking about starting either an daemon or WoC army and this book solved that question as well.
Awesome, Glottkin is great and highlight of the year for me and well done GW.

21-12-2014, 05:46
2014 to me was the year I massively got back into games workshop as a whole. I played in my first tournament, the TO shortly after started a physical store a d gaming club, which I've been to at least once every week since, I started my first fantasy army (wood elves) and went to England for a holiday and spent way too much on the comparitively cheap warhammer over there.

I also got my girlfriend into the hobby, as well as a few of her work mates (who have played in the past).

I've also got all the end times books so far and am making my way through them, it'd exciting to be a part of a new chapter in the game.

English 2000
22-12-2014, 01:23
Great topic, it's awesome to see so much positivity.

Highlights for me from a GW standpoint are as follows:

Nagash returning, it's the most exciting thing to happen in warhammer since the original release of Nagash. He's always been my favourite character.

Reunification of Chaos.

Reunification of Undead. I hated that split from day one.

Entered my first fantasy tournament since 6th edition. Came third, would have had second if my painting hadn't been the bare minimum (dipped Empire) and had a bunch of great games against people I'd never met before

Joined the Canhammer painting challenge. Used that as motivation to get more painted this year than in the previous 5 years... maybe even the previous 10 years. Finished* my Empire army, started and almost finished all of my Daemon army, added almost 600 points to my High Elves (could be more if I finish my Frostheart before the new year).

Got an old gaming buddy back into the game.

Tried using greenstuff to sculpt for the first time ever. I'm currently nurgling up some Chaos Warrior shields and giving them halberds.

Got my hands on Witchfate Tor, the walls and fences (before the rerelease), the two different (oop) GW plastic hills and a citadel forest. I've got more terrain coming from my wife for Christmas. While this may not seem like a big deal, I was a) really disappointed that I never got my hands on the old fortified manor set (I left it far too late to try to get one) and I didn't want to miss out on any of the other amazing GW terrain and b) finally decided that after more then 20 years in the hobby it was high time I got some really good terrain in my collection.

All in all 2014 has been an awesome year for hobby and gaming.

*finished for me is a minimum 2k painted for an army. We all know an army is never really finished.

22-12-2014, 06:55
2014 was, for me one of the best years I've ever had in the hobby. Highlights include:
- Seeing the Nagash model looming up over his undead legions for the first time (yes I'm one of the people who like the Nagash model).
- Finally starting a project log here on warseer (which reminds me, I've got to go update that).
- Finishing painting 16,000 points of Warriors of Chaos.
- Being able to use my Daemons and Beastmen alongside those chaos warriors.
- But my greatest joy this year was playing (and losing) a wonderful 15,000 point game against Naitsabes' excellent empire army. That game, while it was a grind to get through (well over 1,000 miniatures on the table and just the two of us, it was a lot of work), was the best single warhammer game of my life.

22-12-2014, 16:08
None of my armies got their own army book this year, although I saw with appreciation the great models released for Dwarfs and suddenly felt a pang of annoyance for selling them 2 years ago!

Watching the fantasy landscape shift with Nagash release and since, culminating in my mind with the single best way of explaining Malekith's story. Honestly, the fluff in that book is some of the best narrative I have ever read, and not just in terms of GW books.

I thoroughly enjoyed having vlad return and his official promotion by on of his sworn enemies, followed by Louen becoming a badass and helping save the Empire.

So overall highlight must be the combined Chaos legions list. I need to get my finances in order to finish a mono-khorne list before the end times list go the way of the dinosaur.

I'll end with some trepidation...in the form of how fantasy will change.

I got back into GW when 8th was released...so it's all I know except dim memories of 4th edition.

I'm hoping it won't leave me daunted and not wanting to play.

22-12-2014, 17:03
I got into Warmachine and found lots of people to get to play wargames with again!

22-12-2014, 23:34
Best bits:

1) Nagash is Back!
2) The Nagash Model!
3) New powered-up Woodelf Rules!
4) Lots of awesome new models
5) Endtimes fluff

Worst bits:
1) Nagash rules (on the rare occasion it is balanced he makes for a very boring game)
2) Woodelf rules (nerfing all the treemen, dryands and treekin make them feel just generic elves and not why I liked them)
3) Legions lists (I love sticking armies together (my beastmen especially need it) but the unrestricted nature of it has made the limitations too weak to still see a lot of their units.
4) Still no love for my Bretonnians or Beastmen (although fluffwise Louen seems to just about justify his points cost)

I am both apprehensive and eager to see what Beastmen and Bretonnians will get when their book comes out (probably at the end of 10th edition just in time for it to make no sense in 11th), especially hoping my beastmen will have their day in the sun (but hating the fact that they are coupled with two other very powerful factions so unlikely to get anything particularly nice out of their release).

My judgement is out on the whole Khaine thing. It was a bold move plot-wise and it seriously builds tension (if they are prepared to do that, then a lot of things are possible), although if they are prepared to do that i am not sure i want to read the rest...

So the upside for me is that GW are not out of ideas and are still able to produce awesome models and make some big bold moves. Downside is that I don't really like their rules (although some of this is personal taste - objectively they are probably better than i am giving them credit for)).

Memorable thing for me is my about face on the Khaine magic rules. I thought they were the biggest heap of crap to ever ruin warhammer since 7th Daemons but when I actually played a few games with them and worked out how they functioned my stance softened and now I can see their potential (there still needs to be some work done to balance the spells though).

Evil Hypnotist
24-12-2014, 06:43
Great thread, I am enjoying peoples stories and perspectives.

2014 for me has been about tournaments; I attended my first two last year and made sure I went back this year, plus I added another two a bit further afield. Great fun and local tourney community. I am hoping to do even more in 2015. The bug caught on from winning a best painted trophy last year and it has pushed me to improve my skills and get stuff done for tournaments, and I ended up with 3 runners up spots this year which I am proud of compared to the competition.

I have also had to admit this year that I have terrible luck with the dice, it's so bad I am getting a reputation at my local club. I have above average rolls for saving throws but way below average for hitting and wounding, which is quite amusing for Warriors. The dice seem to fail me just when I need them. There were ftwo memorable moments this year, both in tournaments; firstly charging a unit of Ogres with regen with my hero with flaming attacks and some warriors. I use my potion of strength to make sure I wound and , needing 3s, proceed to roll 2,2,2 and a 1 to hit. Then, later in the year, I was using Sigvald and after a couple of challenges he was up to 9 attacks. He challenges a Dwarf Thunderer champ, hits with 8 attacks and then, needing 3s, wounds with only 1, WHICH HE PARRIES! Lol, I will never forget that.

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