View Full Version : GW Plaza (London) has moved.

21-12-2014, 11:07
Was in the Plaza yesterday, the old very large (by GW standards) store has closed. Its instead moved into a much smaller (maybe 40% at best size of the old one) store on the ground floor which felt very small and pokey. Odd decision, but sign of the times?

21-12-2014, 12:15
It's more of GW's current strategy of cutting costs over anything else. They've been switching their retail operations to lower cost glorified sales kiosk operations with less staff (usually one) for the last few years.

21-12-2014, 12:42
Yes but that store was always there largest earner by quite a margin. When I worked there while we did demo games that was about it. Major focus was on shifting product

21-12-2014, 13:36
Must get the biggest tourist sales in any store as it's on the main tourist trail along Oxford Street. Every time I've been in there have been foreign tourists buying hundreds of pounds of product. Might even increase the visibility as it cuts the rent and rates.

22-12-2014, 08:46
It probably doesn't need to be a big store if it's selling mostly to tourists trying to dodge the foreign taxes, as long as it's still got room for all the stock :)

22-12-2014, 17:31
They never carried the full range even when they were upstairs.

I'm not convinced the new shop is that much smaller than the old one tbh.

I only go in there to pick up mailorder stuff anyway, Dark Sphere is only 15 minutes away by Bakerloo line and has pretty much the same stock. Loads of tables to play on, and no-one giving you the hard sell as soon as you come through the door.