View Full Version : Hydra Platforms.

Commissar Davis
22-12-2014, 14:08
As Forge World are no longer doing any of the Heavy Artillery Platforms, does anyone know of a reasonable third party that does? Looking for one that will either fit the Hydra or is a very close lookalike.

Can't find these on ebay, and I doubt that they would be at a reasonable price even if they were.

22-12-2014, 14:15
I just went with an oval flying base and some greenstuff sandbags for counts as basilisks:


24-12-2014, 21:39
Those are pretty awesome Beppo. I would make my own hydra platforms as well

25-12-2014, 01:05
I didn't realize forge world was no longer selling those. In addition, holy crap at that conversion!

I may just have to steal that idea for myself!