View Full Version : 1600 pt Khorne strike force (End Times)

23-12-2014, 22:49
I've been searching for a fun list of Khorne Daemons. since Bloodletters aren't that great, compared to chaos warriors, I haven't played them for a while. But recently I got the Glottkin book and came up with a list that I enjoy. Let me know your suggestions and critics. It should be an aggressive list. I chose bloodletters and minotaurs just because they're awesome models. Looking to keep the list still a fun list to play against.

Chaos Lord 370
Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, soul feeder, hellfire sword, other tricksters shard, charmed shield

Bray Shaman 135
Lvl 2, lore of beasts, dispell scroll

Core: 410
10 Bloodletters
Standard bearer

12 Chaos Warriors
Standard bearer, Mark of Khorne, halberds, shields, banner of eternal flame

Special: 285
5 Furies
Daemon of Khorne

3 Minotaurs
Mark of Khorne, great weapons, champion

Rare: 399
3 Skullcrushers
full cmd, ensorcolled weapons

Skullcannon of Khorne

total 1599

25-12-2014, 18:29
So a couple of thoughts -

Bestigors look the part for Khorne force and they really do well with mark of Khorne. Don't rule them out, especially if you stick with the higher leadership chaos lord for primal fury or add a BSB.

If you prefer to keep your other special then even Gors instead of bloodletters are not too bad (although less attractive for their points).

Personally I would prefer a lord level caster and a hero level fighting character. This lets Khorne cast with the best of them but also gives access to a battle standard to help you make all the leadership tests that frenzy requires. Your lord is an utter beast though and i can see him chewing through a lot of units by himself.