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25-12-2014, 08:42
Hey guys
Now im looking at converting some spawn up
Im thinking of turning ky warhounds into seem (will probably just green stuff some tentacles onto them) and put them onto the correct base size byt ive also got some possessed which i dont use. Any idea how easy itd be to turn them into spawn

25-12-2014, 10:45
You can go crazy with them. One of my favorite things to make is daemons and spawn.

25-12-2014, 16:01
One of my favorite things...is... spawn.

Careful dude, there are kids on here.

25-12-2014, 23:58
Har har har

25-12-2014, 23:59
A small ball of green stuff and all the spare limbs in your bits box.

26-12-2014, 19:17
I'm doing K'Daai Fireborn for my spawn. They should fit in with my Hashut themed chaos marines

26-12-2014, 19:21
Get them close to the dimensions of the official model (to avoid arguments with fussy opponents) - but beyond that, they can look like pretty much anything, they are after all mutated nightmares.

27-12-2014, 00:45
I used ogres as my base. Used bits from the chaos spawn box and puttied up their faces, then put a single horn where their eyes would be. They make great beast of nurgle.

27-12-2014, 14:28
I run Juggernauts as Khorne Marked Spawn

27-12-2014, 15:17
I picked up some of the old metal minotaurs pretty cheap on ebay... they're about right.

Some time ago, you could also get spawn arms pretty cheap as well, so I glued a bunch of them together with skink bodies as swirling, rapidly mutating and levitating weirdo things... pretty fun project, and not too expensive.

The main thing will be getting models that look convincingly like they have T5 and 3W. Most 'hounds' are a bit weedy, I think... but maybe if you put a possessed marine and one hound on each base, they'd work quite well as guys with 'hunting beasts'.

You could also do a kind of 'centaur' conversion - marine torsos on chaos knight mounts?


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