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26-12-2014, 17:59
Hey guys! Long time no see. I ended up going to nursing school and have been away a while. Last week I finally finished assembling all of the miniatures I had on hand and was wondering what I should look at buying next. My end goal is having a large pool of models from which to pick and choose to utilize all facets of a Lizardmen army in varying builds. I mostly played against Warriors of Chaos in the past and my most frequent opponent has Beastmen, Chaos and Greenskins galore.

Currently I have on hand:
1 Slann
1 Scar Vet/Old Blood on Cold One
1 Tiktaq'to on Zwup
3 Terradon Riders
3 Stegadons (haven't built howdahs yet but am leaning toward one of each setup currently, thoughts?)
3 Salamander with 9 skink crew
4 ghetto Jungle Swarms with leftover snakes from CoR kits
15 Skink cohort carrying javelin, hand weapons and shield with converted Full Command, not that it is necessary
16 Cold One Riders with Full Command x 3
20 Temple Guard with Full Command and a single model sufficient to play a Scar Veteran
37 Skinks with Blowpipe with 1 Patrol Leader
68 Saurus Warriors with Full Command x 2 (thinking of making one more command unit, input?)
This weighs in at 3622 Total with everything naked, no command, no armor/shield/weapon upgrades, no banners, no magic items except for the Engine of the Gods, which I can proxy as not being there in my games since I don't do tournaments or worry about strict WYSIWYG so completely naked at 3572 total.

Obviously, I picked up the 8th edition Lizardmen Army Book to get some ideas and cover the new rules. I was considering a Skink Regiment box to model them all javelin and shield just to have that option available so it is less confusing on the table. I know I want the Carnosaur model. I was thinking one more Salamander would be a boon so I could split them up with two on each flank. I am very shy on Skink leadership (worrying about Predatory Fighter Frenzy, but should I?), so I was planning on at least one Skink Priest model, perhaps two and for Chiefs, since it seems the old sets are sold out, I was considering a few conversions.

Those I am pretty solid on. What comes next is where I need the most purchasing advice, especially as far as prioritizing purchases based on bang for the buck: Bastilladon is a neat model and would add another monstrous target in high point games and monster mash lists. Is it really worth it, though? Do they work better if you can place two near each other or one each out on your flanks?

Are Kroxigor worth it anymore? Some of my recent readings have indicated that perhaps Skrox Blocks are on the way out as far as a solid unit and might just be a semi-decent tarpit unit. I love the models and do eventually want at least one box just for the option of using them, but at $50 for three I am unsure if I should make it a priority or not. Are they better in a unit of greater than three making purchasing two boxes a better deal?

Troglodon looks good and gives me the divining rod for some extra points, but I have no idea how I would play this guy. Is he a big redirect that also serves as a cannonball magnet?

I am considering adding a second Slann to my army simply because it is so large at this point and some big games sound like fun now and again. Is double Slann still cheesy?

Finally, are Ripperdactyls worth it? The model kit is pretty cool, though I hate the underbite, but what can you do? Are they the Razordons of flying monstrous cavalry?

Whew, long post, right? I appreciate all input, good, bad and ugly. If you think I should change some numbers around, say so! If you think I am coming at this from the wrong direction, please say so. Of course, it helps me way more if you explain why you would make your choices. Thank you so much in advance for your kind input. I feel like a newb again, which is kind of cool. Hope your Christmas/Holiday season was a good and peaceful one and may your New Year be filled with much joy and many tablings of enemy aggressors!

27-12-2014, 00:47
What type of lists do you like to play? All Skinks? All Saurus? Monster Mash? Mix?

You have a good amount of models.

Everything here on is my own bias opinion (mostly from how I play Lizardmen) and might change from one person to another.

I love Kroxigors, I have 6 of them and run them in units of Skinks or by themselves. Not only are they cool looking models but they pack a punch and inside a Skink unit they are nice for tar-pitting. You can no longer void Stomps with them though so they aren't as useful as before. In water however they make a unit of Skinks really fun to play.

A second Slann is a good idea for larger point battle if you want to abuse their powers, especially if you have a Troglodon running around. Kroak might be another option, even if you don't use him as Kroak he makes a good second Slann model.

I have 6 Rippers and find them fun to use. They are Kamikaze units though so don't expect them to last very long. I throw them into units with characters to killing blow things. Their Toad Rage Frenzy is really fun, especially if you have two units of 3. They are a very situational unit though and most opponents will shoot them down if you don't give them other targets. Personally I like them, and they look cool too so it helps.

As for your list, I usually like to run a slightly larger unit of T-Guard with my Slann, 20 gives you (if you go 6 wide) 4 full ranks after the Slann is inside, I like that extra rank but that is purely my play style (so 5 full ranks at 6 wide or 26 models). I would pick up another kit, then even if you do not have the Slann you can still be a unit of 30. If you are getting another Slann and want T-Guard for it then you will have to get a few more kits lol.

I would say a few Skink Priests. They are nice to have as scroll caddies or even for holding down your Saurus (plus give them Beasts and take signature for a tough unit). If you have a Slann you will very rarely cast with Skinks so it depends on how you like to run your Lizards.

I have 6 Salamanders but that is only because I like their offensive power. 3 is probably fine, I always take the extra handler though so you could look into getting a few more from eBay.

How are your Warriors equipped? S&B or Spear? I used to field a horde of spears and chew through things back when the Slann was disgustingly OP in the Magic Phase but have since changed to smaller units. I don't think you will need to purchase anymore Warriors lol.

I would pick up a Bastiladon (or two) - I love these guys, no matter how you take them (Laser beam or snake-spitter) they always do well for me. The +1 to init is a nice boost for some of our units while it makes no difference for others. I read mixed reviews of the Bastiladon but I myself always take at least one (usually the Laser Beam one)

I have a Troglodon and it is situational. In a double Slann list it is nasty but by itself it isn't really that big of a deal. Giving it the rod to channel helps (well 1/6 of the time lol) but isn't something I take much. It's poison spit is meh, I've only ever landed it on 1 or 2 things but it isn't something you should rely on. The Roar is really the only nice thing about it (other than the Vassal thing) and it being a Monster. So like I said, very situational unit.

Carnosaur is cool, especially since the kit is bad ass looking. When I play no-magic I take an Old-Blood on one with the upgrades, and it does very well.

Snakes are a mixed review. Some people love them (like me) when you can give all units in a combat poison (so think about a large unit of Warriors with Beast sig and poison - they are tough to beat) but other people hate them since it uses up special points. If you have a snake spitter then you might enjoy them more. I wouldn't go out and buy them if you can make your own with what you have.

I see you have no Camo Skinks, I tend to use them for Warmachine hunting or single model hunting (like Eagles and other things that don't have that good of saves). My one opponent hates my Camo Skinks (I take either 1 unit of 6 or 2 units of 5-6) but he likes Warmachines. If there is water terrain on the board they get nasty to shoot at.

You have enough skirmishers to do whatever you want with them so picking up some more cohort Skinks could be useful.

If your group plays with Forgeworld models and Storm of Magic you can get the big bad Lizard. I think it is a fantasic looking model and would love to paint it, if it doesn't go out of print before I buy it that is lol.

I love Gor-rok and Chakax so I would recommend looking into them. One of my opponents HATE Gor-rok, they think he is broken LOL. Making your unit stubborn and being (almost) unable to be killing blowed really helps. Combine that with Beast sig and he hurts and can take a beating. I take Chakax purely because he is awesome but only when I have a Slann in T-guard. He makes the unit pretty nasty and tough to beat.

A BSB would be good to pick up, the model (imo) is too good not to get.

I tend to like having a mix of characters/heros/lords so getting a few Skink Priests or Chiefs would be cool.

You have a good amount of Cold one Riders. I liked when Kroq-gar could take a unit as core.

I read you had something like 400 bucks to spend on new Lizards. I'm sure you could get a few cool things! I like having centerpiece models.

One thing you should consider is the End Times book. It'll have Lizardmen in it and if you want to play End Times it isn't bad to have the book (I myself have Skaven and Lizardmen so it'll be a must for me).

EDIT: I missed your post about the Stegadons. It is really up to you and how you want to run them. I like having double Giant Blowpipes and so usually take the Ancient. The Engine is nice to have, especially now that you don't need a Skink Priest.

You could do a full Monster mash and bring a Stegadon in each category (minus Core) of just Stegadons. I tried that once and it was fun. Clouds of Skirmishers for core and big Stegs for the rest.

I have rarely used the regular Stegadon. If you need the Giant Bow shot then take it for sure.

27-12-2014, 01:55
The troglodon is terrible but with the new 50% lords and heroes you can field a Slann and a carno lord, which can work. Also LM are supposed to get some small love in the forth coming ET book.

Ryppers I recommend, adds variety and its fun and usefull unit.
Get a skink priest or 2*
Get another cowboy.
You can get krox, pero they arent very good, but not terribad as the trog.
I dont like them but the bastiladon can do something for you

27-12-2014, 19:00
Went to the LGS today and all they had from Lizardmen was a Bastiladon, so I went ahead and picked it up. I guess I'll be ordering a Carnosaur, some Ripperdactyls, another Salamander and the skink box for sure. Still debating on another scar vet on Cold One as well as how many priests and old blood/scar vets I should pick up on foot. Also, would a second Bastiladon be fun?

Oh, the Saurus are all armed with spears and I want enough models to be competitive up to about 6000 points.

27-12-2014, 19:46
Like I said I like Bastiladons but others don't. Play a few games with the one you got and see if you enjoy what it brings. Try both ways and if your opponent doesn't mind try proxying a Stego for one (or something else for one) to see if you want another.

I like cowboys, especially in non-magic lists. The Stegadons come with Skinks you can make into Priests or Chiefs so really you could just use them. I like to assemble my Stegadons but keep the character off, then you can just base it and if you put a character on top, as long as you left some room, it'll fit nicely.

Again I would recommend the BSB. It's a very nice looking model and unless you use a Skink BSB you will need something.204858

27-12-2014, 21:37
Add on the bsb

The bearded one
27-12-2014, 22:14
A Slann can also be a BSB. A saurus BSB is nice, but not required. Also, the Slann being the BSB is a pretty safe place to have that thing, because the slann can sit back in the second row of the temple guard.

You have a fine, functioning collection of models. You don't really need to add anything. You can basically add whatever you think looks cool.

- except the Troglodon. He looks cool but sucks so bad. I only ever use him if I have a really saurus heavy army, so that the roar might be worth it once.

28-12-2014, 03:02
A Slann can also be a BSB. A saurus BSB is nice, but not required. Also, the Slann being the BSB is a pretty safe place to have that thing, because the slann can sit back in the second row of the temple guard.

You have a fine, functioning collection of models. You don't really need to add anything. You can basically add whatever you think looks cool.

- except the Troglodon. He looks cool but sucks so bad. I only ever use him if I have a really saurus heavy army, so that the roar might be worth it once.

Very true, the Slann makes a good BSB. I meant if he goes without it. I much prefer the Saurus over a Chief.

28-12-2014, 04:11
Yes. If I go Slannless I'll likely make my BSB an Oldblood on Carnosaur. I am still debating everything, but my to purchase list is looking like this:

Carnosaur (This will be my only one, at least for a while)
Bastiladon (to bring me to 2 total)
Salamander Hunting Pack (to bring me to 4 total)
Skink Warriors (kitted with shield and javelins for a total of 39)
2 Temple Guard boxes (for a total of 40) in case I want a big single bunker or if running 2 Slann, 2 bunkers of 20 each.
Lord Kroak (proxied as a regular Slann most times as I don't often do HeroHammer)
Skink Priest (with another conversion or two for 3 total)
Saurus Oldblood on Cold One (that would be two total between the 16 regular CoR)
Saurus Oldblood (one dedicated on foot model and if I want, I can sub in a Temple guard or something for another)
Ripperdactyls (that would be 3-4 Terradons, depending on how I play Tiktaq'to and then the unit of 3 Rippers)

This leaves me converting a few skinks to chiefs to control Predatory fighter (and if I want using Tiktaq'to as a Chief on Terradon) and some cash left for a few bottles of paint to fill in the gaps I currently have. So, how's that look?

28-12-2014, 16:06
Great! Personally I dont recommend that carnosaur bsb, he dies too easily even in fun games (the carno I mean) and a foot or mounted scar vets offers more protection in the unit.

28-12-2014, 18:31
Great! Personally I dont recommend that carnosaur bsb, he dies too easily even in fun games (the carno I mean) and a foot or mounted scar vets offers more protection in the unit.


The thing about Carnosaurs is you want them hitting juicy targets, if your BSB is too far away from your foot soldiers then you lose the re-roll. That and if he dies because he is out alone (or lucky cannonball) then you lose your re-roll.

Having a foot BSB in a unit is very helpful, especially if you have the stubborn crown or something else that can boost the survivability of the unit. I always kit my Scar-Vet for defensive power because your opponent is going to want to take it out fast. Luckily for us Lizards are resilient even before upgrades.

28-12-2014, 18:54
Cool. I'll just use the Carnosaur as a Scar Veteran or Oldblood then. Thanks for that input.