View Full Version : Allies in fantasy question?

27-12-2014, 22:19
Can you use allies in fantasy?

For example, could I use warriors of chaos with daemon allies?

I know this is possible using end times but is it viable using normal rules?

If it is only possible with end times would it be glotkin book that would be needed?

27-12-2014, 22:21
There are multiplayer rules in the main book that facilitate two players allying with different armies, so you could potentially use those. Triumph and Treachery also has some limited rules for incorporating units from other armies, but you are almost certainly best off using the rules from The End Times.

27-12-2014, 22:35
If I used end times is their any downside to this? Basically I would just like to add plaguebearers and maybe a GUO. However if using end times means I lose certain army rules with warriors of chaos army book I'll have to judge if it's worth it.

27-12-2014, 22:45
I don't think Warriors lose out on anything, but Daemons are Unstable as opposed to, uh, Daemonically Unstable in a Legion of Chaos list.

28-12-2014, 04:47
Unless I know you as a powergamer I would have no problem of any kind if you took some allies in your army list and then played as normal. I'd prefer if the armies thematically made some kind of sense (i.e. empire and brets, skaven and delves, lizardmen and helves, etc) but it wouldn't be a huge deal. The rulebook also lists allied army rules and you could effectively play two armies.