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29-12-2014, 12:09
Hello was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the island of blood clanrats are pretty much the same as the individual box

29-12-2014, 12:12
Their command models are different(they are cooler) but other then that, yeah, they are pretty much the same

29-12-2014, 13:59
I have them mixed together, and I pretty much have to pick them up and turn them over to check if they are IoB models or not. The left arm/shield is molded to the body, and it's easy to spot from the underside.

29-12-2014, 17:41
Yeah, the only difference is in the molded-on shield and some small details (I think some of the less-armored models and a few of the weapons are only in the kit, and some of the ones with extra rats are IoB-only). They're perhaps a touch less convertible but not in any way that matters for ranked-up infantry. You're fine using either.

Lord Dan
29-12-2014, 19:36
They're basically indistinguishable. I was originally using the Clanrat boxes, but found the quality on the IoB rats to be so good (and their price so much cheaper) that I switched over to them for anything requiring a shield. For instance:


Half of those guys are IoB, and half from the Clanrat box. I can't even tell which is which.

29-12-2014, 19:37
As others said above, they are basically the same. The Island of Blood clan rats have shields molded to the body, have slot bases and "peg" arms, which can be put on without glue. The box set skaven also have a few models that are more identifiable as slaves (no armour, chains on their legs etc), but I use all of them as clanrats.