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29-12-2014, 20:01
Hi everyone! I've just bought the dark painting guide and I found a nice conversion for a dark eldar archon character. Its name is Khadys Abrahak. However the text doesn't say which box the helmet belongs to. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

29-12-2014, 20:45
I don't own the painting guide myself, but I found a ref.pic on the internet of a model with what I think is the same helmet:
Is it the same? (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_9xE6tMTmQHU/TSmzcQs9J1I/AAAAAAAAAJs/u_s4zeXf8cY/s1600/IMGP3677.JPG)

In that case it's the alternative head for the previous Archon-kit (the one that came out with the 5th Ed.Codex in 2010 and got replaced by the new plastic one this fall)

29-12-2014, 21:10
Yes, that's it! But, if so...what's the point of making a painting guide for that character if we cannot buy the specific parts?! So weird....anyway thank you! :-)

29-12-2014, 21:26
That IS weird :) You're welcome