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29-12-2014, 22:19
I have been having a bit of fun expanding my beastmen army to include some other things from the Legions of Chaos. So far this has been by adding things like trolls from my OnG army and taking the chance to have some playable monsters in the list.

Now I have decided that I do like the army but playing legions of chaos against other armies is a little unfair, even if the lists I play against are pretty hard so I am restricting myself to a mono-god theme (and probably with a greater favour to Beastmen than others might). Mono god means everything is mark of X or demon of X... some problems as i cant take staples like warhounds any more. I was going Nurgle but now I am wanting to reconsider.

I am just trying to work out what God would be best.

Nurgle and Tzeench are my favourites thematically, Khorne my least favourite but that seems to be softening with time.

Nurgle seems to be an obvious choice for a thematic but powerful list.

If I ran this god I would probably go for Nurgle warriors, A couple of Nurgle Chariots as core, Characters would be either a Demon Prince or a Great Unclean One. Special has a lot of beautiful options - I like Nurgle Ogres, Nurgle Chosen, Beasts of Nurgle, Nurglings, Nurgle Bestigor. The best are probably the beasts and the nurglings to offset some of the army weaknesses. If i ran Ogres i could be tempted by running the beast banner on a Gorebul and adding this to the unit. Rare has the rot flies, OK but the main attraction for me with these is the models.

Khorne is possibly quite a lot of fun and certainly not lacking in power.

Here Core would be pretty weak. Bloodletters are not great (for their points), Khorne warriors are not the strongest, and mark of khorne adds a lot to the price of Ungor/Gor. I think I would just suck it up and have a collection of Warrior/Tuskgor chariots for core and try and get my banners and blocks in special. Characters for Mono-khorne are interesting. Great Bray Shaman is a must for magic but there are also some other good choices. A juggernaught mounted BSB can certainly pack a punch. If my group ever adopts the 50% lords rule I could also potentially run a Bloodthirster or a Khorne Demon Prince alongside a caster. Special I would run Bestigor - they can take banners so offset the ones I lose in Core by taking chariots (also Bestigor gain massively from the mark of Khorne). The shocking power of Khorne is probably in the rare section - Skullcrushers and Hellcannons are obscene for their points cost. I have to say that despite my relative lack of love for the fluff khorne looks a fun way to go with a lot of different types of unit, good options in a lot of phases, some pretty powerful combat characters...

Tzeench looks like it has a couple of ways to go

Firstly is the herdstone spam with horrors in core to generate a lot of power dice. With access to a good number of lores (7) this still leaves some opportunity for fun but I think it would basically turn into a really dull gunline most of the time. This would be horrors, screamers, shamans, some Warriors to Shield the shaman in... Probably an exalted hero on disk to hold up some choice units and some burning chariots to try and take down units once they are weakened.

Secondly I could try to Use Tzeench as a much more balanced (after a fashion) army. I could meet my needs for a Lvl 4 wizard through a big block of horrors then use my Lords allowance for a tooled up Doombull. With heroes then being an exalted on a disk again. I would be tempted by sinking much of my special into Chosen (HW&S) - I know it is a bit of a dubious choice but with a warshrine (or maybe 2) and a Beast-banner BSB in there they should be able to act as a very elite combat unit. Rare choices would be burning chariots again. I have little idea how this army would play in reality - some high power combat characters, some magic, some big infantry blocks and some fun in the chariots could be a laugh.

Slaanesh seems a bit more narrow to me.

To get a competitive Slaanesh army I feel you are dependant on characters. I would probably go for a Keeper to lead here. The model looks great and Cacobomb is nice if you can pull it off. If this fails you still have one of the most potent combat characters in the game. I would want to back this up with a Shadow Caster (lvl 2) if using Khaine magic (for the 2 5+ power spells) I would rather be able to have a more reliable plan though! Core will be demonettes and Ungor Raiders as chaff (and a Gor unit as a bunker). Special will be seekers and/or Hellstriders (with a couple of exalted heroes in to add a lot of punch to them). The plan, unfortunately would be a bit 1 dimensional though - outmanoeuvre the opponent, then hit isolated units with multiple units at once using hexes to swing combat.

So which of these plans do people think will be the most fun? Which the most powerful and which would let me have the most flexibility to adjust to play at different points values?

30-12-2014, 15:03
This is how I plan to approach any legion of chaos army I go, though I will probably focus more on Daemons (except for core probably due to unstable). Going into the game, nurgle and khorne have always been my favorite gods. Over time, I have adopted Tzeentch into my lists, but slaanesh just never quite feels 100% to me (though the lore of slaanesh and keeper are amaze-sauce).

Nurgle: Still a clear winner from a power, flexibility, and fun standpoint. Mark of Nurgle is so good, it makes almost any model worth taking in some fashion. Festus in some beastmen units (even if he drops them down to M4) makes for an interesting poison group and a lot of low cost models, but you have the hammer/anvils which are beasts of nurgle/rot flies and all the goodies of a -1 to hit, high armored army in warriors of chaos.

Tzeentch: With combined army, I really think that this is probably the most fun and most flexible army for you now. Lord of change with wand of whimsy or a doombull both make for excellent combat oriented characters. Throw in a pink horror unit or two for some magic prowess and then load up on some fun combat oriented blocks and you have a flexible army. OR you go full throttle combat or full throttle magic for impressive more one dimensional armies.

Khorne: These guys became much more viable (from a daemons perspective). They can now take skullcrushers if they have room in the rare to fill up any unused skullcannon space. Bloodthirster is a beast of a combat lord or you can take a footslogging chaos or beast lord for a less risky option. I still like halberd or AHW wielding khorne chaos warriors (or chosen) for a mega ton of attacks, but chariots still a better choice. Bloodletters are out unless you want the fluff.

Slaanesh: Still an oddity to me. I need to work through lists some more before I make a decision on them. Best for someone else to answer this.

So to answer your question.... all of them? I would probably focus on Tzeentch and Khorne as nurgle has been over played with this addition, but nurgle is definitely a very very tempting option

30-12-2014, 15:15
Nurgle is the most powerful mark for the armies mainly because they're combat based. The -1 to hit is massive on units with ws4 or more.

I'd say the theme with the most fun is an all khorne list. It just screams fun. Yes, take a great bray and give him beasts or death etc, but other than that it just for me epitomises a bloody raiding party sweeping down.

It's always been my dream theme list, and now I may take the opportunity to make it.

30-12-2014, 16:28
I like Tzeentch and Nurgle as well, but for the short-term, Nurgle has gotten a lot of love, so there are a lot of new juicy models to use.

30-12-2014, 17:50
Yeah, Khorne seems to go best with heavy beastmen - a couple of big blocks of Bestigor (with MoK) as special should cut through most stuff. My concern is that then core seems a bit inefficient, although this is relative. if I were to take chariot heavy core I doubt it would be underpowered (although it would begin to fall behind the beastmen units (and the skullcrushers).

Tzeench still appeals to me for diversity - different characters (combat or caster), different combat blocks (caster, harassment, shooting or Anvil with HW&S warriors) and enough mobility to be very fun.

Nurgle still sticks in my mind as I love the models/style and their magic makes even modest units very powerful.

I think at this stage I can probably rule out Slaanesh; I play elves as well so I would probably be looking for something a bit different (less emphasis on very fast delicate units). I love the hexes they can get though.

@Bigman - Even the shaman (with beasts) screams raiding party to me as well.

I am not 100% convinced Nurgle is the best power wise. If it isn't it is close though. With Khaine magic a Tzeench magic focussed list could be unpleasant to face off against (recasting Tzeench magic missiles with extra powerdice and a hagtree fetish will quickly bring the pain). Likewise Khorne loses the "no wizards" stipulation, gets Skullcannons and Skullcrushers and has special barely worse than beasts of nurgle (Double S6 re-roll to hit attacks can bring a lot of pain). I also like that Khorne has Monstrous Cavalry that can house an Exalted hero if appropriate.

I suspect I will end up doing a couple of these as I like them so much. There go my pension contributions...