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Dark Primus
30-12-2014, 15:51
The Tyranids seems to get constantly new MC models to their army, but why does the Daemons not get the same treatment? They are just as diversified as the Tyranids with huge load of potentials.
MC to fill the Elite Slots for example.
Maybe an MC that is Unaligned which can be upgraded to be aligned to individual Chaos Gods in order to get access to certain upgrades.

Lord Damocles
30-12-2014, 16:00
I suspect Tyranid players would dispute that they have a constant stream of new monstrous creatures (or models at all).

30-12-2014, 16:03
Yeah, Tyranids have MCs in every Role except for Lords and Troops.

Daemons have them in HQ and maybe Heavy. Probably not likely to get more. Mainly due to how that army works in the fluff.

Of course, the possibility of a Greater Flamer or Greater Khorne-dog does have its appeal. And of course, any MCs in Lords will likely be the Uniques ala Fateweaver. Anything else non-Vehicle would be Gargantuans, most likely.

30-12-2014, 16:06
Tyranids were cut back with their last codex due to a lack of models - the 'new' kits are in part to replace the stuff that was cut, the mycetic spore and doom for instance.

Think of the rest of the nid stuff as a delayed release for the codex whereas daemons had all of their new models ready on schedule to release with the book (hellflayer, burning chariot, etc). With all the extras the nids are now roughly on par with the daemons for unit count.

30-12-2014, 16:17
'Nids take a different angle to MCs on the tabletop. They tend to possess fairly niche roles and have some fairly average stats, making them easy to take in bulk as a Guard players might rock up with tanks. Daemon MCs are pretty divorced from this approach - their MCs are elite in an already elite unit type, being very powerful and also very versatile, hence the typically more modest numbers found in lists. Daemon MCs are powerful leaders, Tyranid MCs are often oversized grunts.

30-12-2014, 16:19
Daemons were getting new releases every August for 3 years. Compared to a lot of armies, they were getting stellar treatment, and had a lot of holes to fill (particularly when it comes to conversion to plastic).

Certainly they could do with new greater daemon kits and conversion of fiends, beasts and hounds to better materials, but daemons certainly haven't been neglected.

30-12-2014, 18:29
The Daemon MC are generelly some of the best in the game, whereas tyranids...even though some of their MC are good, usually have some serious downsides (lousy initiativ on anything other than a hive tyrant for instance)
I would however welcome new models for the current greater daemons. They are hidiously aged, and as a result, the GD that I own are proxys from other companies. Another thing could be a Slaanesh themed SC Greater daemon, so every God had a SC. But to be honest I rarely use SC at all

30-12-2014, 19:58
The other thing to consider is that Daemons CAN field MCs with a very wide range of abilities. The individual MC unit count may be limited, but factoring in all the possible non-trivial upgrades (magic levels, flying/not, marks) just the Daemon Princes alone can be made into almost 'anything'... whether the Prince you craft up will be super effective depends on your choices...

In addition, the potential of a basic CAD to field up to 5 MCs for a minimum point outlay of 90 in troops means that MC-heavy Daemons is certainly a viable approach. Factoring in the possibility of just spawning new troop units, and there's little to stop Daemon players from 'taking' little ELSE.

I think without the named GDs there might be a case for a little more MC variety for Daemons. There are all kinds of 'larger' Fantasy Chaos monsters you could reasonably convert over to 40k and just use either one GD or other.

Chaos is a converter's dream, but the 'stats' of Daemon princes should certainly be more or less accomodated by the existing stats, I think.

It's worth noting that there ARE other MCs for Chaos (Spiny Beasts and Massive Spawn)... it's just that they're in IA 13... and not that stellar IMO.


The Good Doctor.

30-12-2014, 23:17
On top of greater deamons, I'd like to see exulted daemons, in the mix.

Basically a Knight class superheavy daemon. Something that can smack Carnifexes about or go toe to toe with a Stompa.

But yeah, between the marks, options and other stuff you can make a wide variety of monstrous creatures in the daemon codex, I would like more but unless they fill a really specific niche it's kind of pointless.

Updated Plastic Greater daemons on the other hand, with even more options, gimme gimme!

30-12-2014, 23:28
Basically a Knight class superheavy daemon. Something that can smack Carnifexes about or go toe to toe with a Stompa.Are you familiar with An'ggrath, Scabeiathrax, Zarakynel and Auteos'ros'keres?

30-12-2014, 23:34
Yeah, something like those, but in plastic, with some build options and a lower price tag.

31-12-2014, 05:03
Why no new vehicles for guard ? Their release was meh, some AV love would touch the spot, but no, instead, sad face.

31-12-2014, 05:04
Yeah, Tyranids have MCs in every Role except for Lords and Troops. They can take Tervigons as troops :D

On top of greater deamons, I'd like to see exulted daemons, in the mix.

Basically a Knight class superheavy daemon. Something that can smack Carnifexes about or go toe to toe with a Stompa. Great Unclean one with Biomancy and a couple gifts will be exceedingly difficult for most things to kill and will put an entire carnifex brood in the ground.

31-12-2014, 08:01
Really? As a daemons player I LOVE our selection of monsterous creatures. Unlike nids ours can actually do many roles. For example in my daemon army i run a level 3 great unclean one as warlord and a level 3 flying nurgle dp. Nids monstrous creatures have nothing on daemon ones. For example id take skarbrand or a thirster over swarm lord anyday.
Also our troops can actually fight we dont need monsters in every slot

31-12-2014, 14:40
Yeah, daemons are doing great with their MC abilities. Daemons at heart are not an MC spam army, like nids are. Daemons are a 12" army. Every slot has a large amount of models that can move 12", but troops. In fact, all of Elite and fast move 12. Top that with slaanesh daemons, who gain fleet and move 3 more inches and you have some fast soul grinders. Sprinkle with the ability to deep strike on everything, and you have one of the faster armies in the game.

Casper Hawser
31-12-2014, 19:32
We've also got the Soul Grinder along with Decimators, Blood Slaughterers, Plague Hulks and Blight Drones from Forge World they may not be monstrous creatures but their not that different.

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01-01-2015, 07:50
Try using the new Nurgle monsters released for Fantasy, either counts as or house rules.

I think the Glotkin would look awsome 40k'd up.

01-01-2015, 10:32
Before GW starts adding new MC to the Daemons range, I'd rather see actual monstrous models for the Greater Daemons. Let's face it: those are in the "beefy Daemon Prince" level right now, and deserved new models a long time ago already.

Apart from that I think Daemons are actually in a great spot by now. Lots of plastic kits, a wide range of visually very different models (which still work together surprisingly well), and some real eyecandy around as well. Some units would benefit from "plastification", and the Greater Daemons need models deserving the "Greater" as a title, but I don't see the need for more big kits right now. There is plenty you can do with CSM allies or FW things, so I think Daemon players are actually spoiled with choices. And I say that as being one myself. :)

I think the Glotkin would look awsome 40k'd up.

No need for him to get "40K'd up", just "WHF'd down". Remove the riders and stuff on top (and get a Nurgle Lord and Scorceror for your WHF army, or to trade), fill the holes with GS, maybe add some nurgley details to taste - boom, Exalted Great Unclean One. And compared to the FW one it's quite affordable too. :yes: